Friday, March 24, 2017

Beginnings and continuing

Fiona has coined the phase "a jittery kind of day". This refers to those days where one finds oneself jumping between many demands or projects. Today has been a jittery type of day: a trip to the coast for a meeting for Fiona and me spending time getting tyres replaced on our car; and doing a myriad of things in preparation for a garage sale tomorrow where proceeds will go to a couple of women's support services. So there was no time in the studio today.

During the week I managed to progress some pieces of work.

I have been asked to makes tea caddy spoons and coffee measuring spoons by a business in Victoria; and Maleny Additions said they are out of stock of ladles and pate knives. So I have had to get into production.

©2017 Barry Smith - Metal cut for tea caddy spoons - odd little shapes!!!!
©2017 Barry Smith - Prototypes of the tea caddy spoons and coffee measuring spoon; plus blanks for pate knives; and shapes for tea caddy spoons
©2017 Barry Smith - Metal circles cut for making the bowls for coffee measuring spoons and ladles
©2017 Barry Smith - Bowls for the ladles in the rough
Yesterday Julie came over to spend time in the garage-studio stamping inspirational words to go into the vessel I made from the family silver-plated tray.

©2017 Barry Smith - Some beautiful words there for Julie and her family to start their days
We have ended the jittery day with rain and a whiteout in the valley below.

©2017 Barry Smith - White in the valley below
Given we will be up at 5am  tomorrow morning doing all the final set up for the sale I think there are grounds for an early wine and an early night.


  1. Love to see your WIP photos. Tea and coffee spoons? Brilliant! How wonderful you and Fiona are, to be so dedicated to various support services. Always inspired by your enjoyable posts!

  2. AA - sometimes seeing the WIP photos of other artists is the fun bit. Thanks for your support regarding support services. Go well. B


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