Friday, March 3, 2017

Progressing three lines of work

Because I use salvaged silver-plated EPNS and silver-plated copper trays in my work I spend quite a bit of time cutting up metal before making. And if I have a number of pieces of work planned that involve cutting metal I try to be a bit efficient by cutting metal for all the work in one session.

The three lines of work I have planned are: using a family's heirloom tray to create a larger Daily Word set for the whole family; progressing 10 Funky Fish; and starting to cut 210 pieces of metal (2cm wide and 9cm long) for small giveaway peace leaves.

From the family tray I needed to get a decorative circle of metal to hammer a bowl that will be about 16cm-18cm in diameter; and from the same tray I need 40-50 1.5cmX4cm blanks for words. That outcome was achieved with some planning and judicious cutting.

©2017 Barry Smith - Metal for family's Daily Word set  - involving parents and children - I like that the parents and children will do the daily words together using words they have agreed.
©2017 Barry Smith - The rectangular tray was handed down through the family - filled with family energy; and a small round tray purchased just in case I needed the metal - which I didn't
I cut 10 pieces of silver-plated metal from drink coasters for the face-heads of the fish; and another 10 pieces from a fan bowl that will become tails. I will still need to cut fins etc.

©2017 Barry Smith  - Metal for heads - cut and numbered  - they will be riveted to the bodies
©2017 Barry Smith  - Metal for heads 
©2017 Barry Smith  - Metal for tails
And I cut up 7 small trays to get 70 pieces of metal for the peace leaves. Only another 140 to go. I might use a few bigger trays if I start running out of the smaller biscuit-sandwich trays. Over the coming months I intend to form 210 peace leaves for distribution on 21 September - International Peace Day.

©2017 Barry Smith  - Small silver-plated trays - some in pretty poor condition
©2017 Barry Smith  - Metal for small peace leaves - the metal can start off pretty bad but with forming and then grinding and polishing it can come good.
Sometimes there is not a lot to show for our effort - but it is said that quite a lot of our art is in the preparation.

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