Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bit of blurb about me

Fiona posted yesterday on the fact that we had developed and published our portfolio in the form of a book.

The photo above show the cover of my book. If you are interested you can click here and have a bit of a preview of the book.

We produced the books as a way of promoting what we are doing this year. This has been a big step for us as we have just gone about our art quietly and have not been into self promotion much. But hey if you want to be out there I guess the first step is to have enough faith to say that what you do is worth admiring and buying. The books themselves are for sale at their published price as we are simply using them to promote our art.


  1. What a beautiful book-- your rusted metal sculptures are wonderful. congratulations! I have been thinking about doing a book on my zen gardens- you have encouraged me.

  2. S&D thanks for the support. Doing the book was a good challenge - it made me focus on what was my art about and the different lines I followed and the materials In used. So doing a book on your Zen gardens will be interesting. B


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