Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pieces from foldforming course arrive home

One of the slight difficulties we encountered after I did the foldforming course in Calgary was how do you get all those sharp bits and pieces through security checks and home.

So we decided to post them (and some tools I bought) from Portland. Seemed a bit of a risk - sometimes things posted from overseas take forever or just don't arrive.

But as you can see from the photos above the bits have arrived, have been dusted off and now sit in a display case to inspire me to continue to create more.


  1. you had a productive trip and glad all arrived home intact... funny to think of metal folding instead of paper folding.

  2. wow, they look amazing, you must have had a wonderfull time doing all this.

  3. D It is amazing just how close to paper forming that the foldfporming is.
    M My trip away remionds me of you experience at the ceramic gathering in Gulgong. So much to learn and so much enegy. I really enjoyed the experience and am into it now that I'm home. B


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