Saturday, July 3, 2010

Layers, light and fragments in a Japanese Garden

Portland (Oregon) claims to have the best Japanese garden outside of Japan. I don't know if that is true as I have not been fortunate to visit all such gardens. However whilst in Portland Fiona and I did manage to visit the local Japanese garden.

It was stunning on a number of fronts: the layers and colours; the filtered light; the pathways that took one from one peace filled zone to another; the combination of water, stone timber and foliage - and the list could go on.

Of course we took quite a number of photos to inspire us in our own garden and art. And it reminded me of Donna Watson's recent posts on her 'garden'.

Layers, reflections and colour

Filtered light

Fragments - fallen leaf, binding on a bamboo fence, broken post in a stone wall


  1. thank you for the nice compliments and comparisons- as I was reading your post I did wonder if you had seen my recent posts on my own Japanese gardens... I have seen the Japanese garden in Portland and I have seen the many gardens in Kyoto which are all very beautiful in their different ways and I continue to work on mine.

  2. The broken post in stonewall is wonderful, confirms that Mother Nature really will keep taking over. J

  3. D Your posts on your garden and mattwersw Japanese are like a slow injection of inspiration and energy. My work and our own garden are influence by the Japanese aesthetic. B


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