Sunday, July 11, 2010

First foldform on new bench

It just had to be done. The bench was built, a small gas bottle and burner nozzle was purchased, the vice was in place so I just had to show myself I could go through the foldforming process at home on my own.

Photos show a piece of copper plate annealed, folded in half and marked up - about 150mm long. The second photo shows the piece cut and beaten to create the form. I hardened some areas to get the ruffled look along the edge. Another annealing on some terracotta clay tiles I had made months ago. Recycled brass jardiniere acted as the quenching pot. And the final product unfolded and buffed with a bit of steel wool.
It worked. Thanks to Charles Lewton-Brain for introducing me to this new technique. The test will be to work out how to incorporate this into my sculptural work.


  1. I like seeing the process Barry! Great bench btw.

  2. Great to know you can do it all [and more] at home. You have fabulous enthusiasm and dedication to a process which is daunting for most of us.
    Noela xoxoxox

  3. I find it interesting how I have taken to metal - always good to be open to new opportunities. B


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