Saturday, July 10, 2010

Encyclopedia stacks in the garden

For the Sculpture on the Edge exhibition I included a triple stack of encyclopedias called Quiet Transition as part of my exhibition contribution. The installation did not sell so it will now grace our block.

The aim of Quiet Transition is that it will gradually breakdown as it is exposed to the elements. Whilst the three stacks are bolted through the centre and sandwiched between water resistant ply wood the encyclopedias have not been treated in any way to make the paper and cardboard water resistant. So the individual volumes will begin to swell and deform; and with a bit of luck lichen and moss will begin to grow in the paper etc. In other words the installation will gradual make a quiet transition from the formal book form to become part of the surroundings they are placed in.

From the photos above you can see we have placed them at the end of a gravel garden area over at the shed. They are tucked into the Lilly Pilly bushes, under the Frangipani and a Pony Tail plant will hang over them as well.
I hope to photograph the stacks every 3 months just to record the quiet transition. So I will post on the progress. Of course Quiet Transition will continue to be for sale - it will just be a little 'transitioned' by the elements.


  1. I like the idea of letting nature come along and have at it-- as nature is the best art form there is-- and you can't predict the outcome.

  2. D - Totally agree - nature will be the real artist with this piece. B


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