Thursday, July 29, 2010

Words in flight

I have started my second alphabet for the ALaW 2010 weekly art creation challenge; and have posted my first 4 letters for July.

Recently I visited the Cooroy library and apart from having seriouis library envy I was really taken by a series of metal pages that were suspended from the ceiling with quotes etc 'written' on them. Whilst they are meant to represent pages of a book because of the way they were folded and suspended they reminded me of birds - thus words in flight.
I decided that for my second ALaW final piece, where I bring all my letters together, I would create an installation that suggested a flock of birds in flight.

After I have created each of my letters by engraving into a rusted metal square I am bending the squares diagonally and then creating wings tips by bending triangles upwards. I then add the suggestion of a head pointed downwards and a tail tip pointed upwards. Thus creating a birdlike shape.
I guess in six months time we will see if the concept of 'the flock of letters in flight' holds up.

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