Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tubular bells - tubular messages

Having finished my first alphabet of letters for the A Letter a Week 2010 creativity challenge I had to turn my mind to how I would present the brass alphabet.

Two months or so ago I found about 12 one metre long lengths of 30mm steel pipe, painted black, beside the road as part of a curbside rubbish collection. They were just too good to waste. So I have had them stashed on my pile of good stuff.
Well I have decided to make a set of tubular bells using the pipes; and attaching my alphabet around the pipes with pop rivets.

I have given the bells (7 pipes) a theme - centredness, peace and joy. So I have decided to create 5 related words using the vowels; and the other letters will be be randomly placed on the other pipes.
As you can see from the above so far I have created Zen and Joy and will add Pax (as in peace). With the I there is the possibility of lit for light; and with the U possibly hum as in mantra, or sum as in sum of the parts, or drum as in march to your own tune. Any other suggestions out there???

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