Friday, July 23, 2010

Ten cubic meters of creativity???

I try (not always successfully - the 'day job' can get in the way but it pays the bills) to set aside half the day on Friday (usually afternoon) for creative work. I did manage to do a couple of hours down in the studio (garage) this afternoon working on my tubular message bells. But the main 'creative' effort today went into changing a weeded slope into a stone mulched slope that not only keeps the weeds at bay but also provides a backdrop for a few sculptural works.

The weedy slope.
Bit daunting when ten cubic meters of 20mm bone coloured stone was dumped on our driveway.

Three to fours hours later three people (Fiona, Graham and me) with shovels and rakes and a Dingo turned the slope and the stone into this.

The stone mulch now provides a great surround for the natural rock that was on the slope.

And it combines the standing poles at the top, the stone and the trees. All in all it was a pretty good creative outcome. Donna, what do you think from a design perspective?

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  1. Looks great, Barry. How are your shoulder muscles feeling?


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