Friday, July 9, 2010

Foldforming work bench

It is Friday - I usually try to find a bit of time to do something creative before settling down to something like homemade pizza and a wine or two as the dark and cold of winter closes in. Today the creativity took the form of building a small but heavy duty bench for the outside that can be used for foldforming work.

I hear you say why not just use the work bench in the garage? Good question. In the Calgary foldforming course I learnt the correct ways to anneal various metals; and I have decided I want to do this outside where I can deal with the flame better etc etc. And I want to be able to work with some bigger pieces so I want a bit more room to move.

Anyway as you can see from the photos above after about four hours of work I now have a really sturdy bench about 1100mm long and 550mm wide and 850mm high. It is seriously screwed and glued together; and as we say on the block "it is going nowhere and doing nothing" - that is, it is solid.
The work bench was made from bits and pieces I had stashed away. The size of the bench was dictated to a certain extent by the available materials. I like the back plate that is made from a recycled 2mm thick aluminium advertising sign.


  1. I love this bench. Its a friendly invitation to work.

  2. L - Yes the back plate is a bit like a smile. It is quirky enough to invite me to set the vice up this weekend and try it out. B

  3. I love, love, love this bench! It looks really sturdy and the wear on the old wood is fabulous. Now I'm a little jealous...

  4. W The great thing about all the recycled stuff on the block is that it is not hard to create things that look worn and loved. BTW the benck is worth a little love and jeralousy - it is strong and gives me the3 chance to work outside. B


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