Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Communities revisited

Fiona and I have been away for the last 3 days doing 'work-work' in the NT - we left at lunch time Sunday and got home at lunchtime today. We returned to the communities of Umbakumba and Pirlangimpi to present community members with the reports on the research we had carried out in April-May. We did 6 flights in 3 days - 2 large, 2 small and 2 very small aircraft. The presentations to the communities went well and we feel we have delivered documents that the people can use to tell their story to government and others on some issues.

We spent a day in each community - so a lot of work but just enough time to catch a couple of images to remind us of the time we shared with the people in these places.

Barry Smith © Little Lagoon - Umbakumba
Barry Smith © Leaves, flowers and peacefulness
Barry Smith © Colourful reminders - leaves and memorial flowers
For me Little Lagoon in the photo above is one of those special locations at the heart of Umbakumba; and the flowers amongst the leaves at the local Umbakumba cemetery talk to me of the peacefulness of this resting place set in the bush.

Barry Smith © Irene Mungatopi at work - Munupi Art Centre
Barry Smith © Pandanus and cycads after the burn-off
Barry Smith © Vivid new life after the burn-off
Barry Smith © New life amidst the ashes.
The Munupi Art Centre in Pirlangimpi is both a creative place for artists such as talented Irene Mungatopi (who was also one  of our research assistants) and a gathering place for many people in this community of artists; and after the annual bush clearing burn-off fires there is such new life in the ancient cycads around Pirlangimpi. Irene gave me permission to photograph her at work.


  1. Certainly looks like a very special place Barry. Hope you collected a little art while there.

  2. So beautiful - so different than the part of the world I live in. Thank you for sharing.

  3. JM & S - thanks & yes it is even different to where F and I live. JM - we did manage to buy a piece of Irene's work - beautiful. B


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