Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's effort

I behaved my self yesterday and got into my 'work-work', so fI elt that later yesterday afternoon and today I could get into some of the pieces I am working on for Clovelly Estate. Flow needs a couple of finishing touches but is but done - few bolts still to do.

I have had a rusted barbed wire leaf 'curing' (rusting even more) in the open air; and I had made a 'post' of worn and eroded fence palings quite some months ago. It was now time to finish these pieces.

Barry Smith © Reclining Leaf 

Barry Smith © Reclining Leaf
As you can see from the photo above the leaf has now got a rusted 3mm rusted iron platform - so it is now officially Reclining Leaf. The piece is about 1500mm long by 450mm wide.

Barry Smith © Connections and Layers

Barry Smith © Connections and Layers at last light
And the paling post  now has a 'square spiral' of rusted 2mm iron sheets that move from the bottom to top of the post - 4 sides; and a engraved pathways following the spiral from the extreme bottom corner to extreme top corner. This 'post' has so many materials and layers that are connected to the history of different people and places, I think it needs to be called something like Connections and Layers. But I am open to suggestions. The 'post' is about 1300mm high and 200mm square.


  1. 'Connections and Layers' is beautifully sited here, Barry, and that is a significant part of how outdoor sculpture is taken in.
    It looks to me like a lightning rod that has absorbed the lightning, without real damage, almost a neutraliser of lightning, or a form that can harness lightning...

  2. i am so reminded of a snail's path. i really like this.

  3. How about "Reunion" as it brings things (and people) back together?

  4. I'm a great fan of your leaves Barry, and 'Reclining Leaf' is no exception.

  5. Wonderful and very evocative, the leaves I also love the delicious shadow. the second one feel like a climb, beautiful in the day and at night.

  6. these are both wonderful
    as are your photographs of your art~

  7. GiD, V, TT, JM, JG, L & TL - thanks for comments and confirmation that these pieces are OK.
    GiD - I like the lightning reference.
    V- snail's path - bit like us going through life in a way; or as L says a bit like a climb - still a metaphor for life.
    TT - Reunion - I will think on that.
    JM - this is a seriously big leaf.
    JG - thanks.
    L - it was late afternoon but still strong sun - like you I think the shadows are a good part of the photo.
    TL - that is fine praise from such a great photographer as yourself - thanks.
    Go well all. B

  8. Yikes!!! I did comment on this one but where did it go? I remember it so well cos I really loved the "post" ... It's so strong as seen in the pillar like shape and the mix of metal and wood, yet it's vulnerable as presented by the weather worn pinnacles. It's strong, yet graceful. It's strong, yet not unapproachable ... It's got such a timeless beauty to it. If I would name this piece ... It'll probably be "timeless connexions" :)

  9. Majestic comes to mind re that post B - and I LOVE the sinuous shadow play with the leaf - outstandng! F

  10. Oh Barry, you're such a true artist, so creative, inventive, ingenious! You come up with so many different ideas. I'm in Awe! I bow to you. :)


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