Friday, July 22, 2011

A full and productive Friday

The Creative Spaces - Open Studios event looms closer and closer - so in the F&B household we are cranking up production when we have the time available. Today was brilliant - a little 'work-work' at the start of the day and then it was into art action. We moved more stuff over to the public studio; and I set up three small vices on the new work bench (still leaves one on my garage bench and one on the annealing bench).

The focus of my creativity today was completing the 50 pieces of inspiration in the pocket; and making 4 incense burners. It is amusing that whilst I'm happy to have finished the 4 incense burners; I really loved the little pieces I made to hold the actual incense sticks. As you can see from the photo below they are made from  a spiral length of brass I bought - in a former life it was part of a window winding-opening mechanism. The incense holders are about 10mm round and 12mm high - they could be great 'beads'.

Barry Smith © Spiral incense holders
When making the incense burners I usually drill through the stone and connect the whole piece with a bolt I thread myself. Could not do this today as my diamond drill simply collapsed - would not cut stone at all. So in the end I resorted to two pack glue. Still I think the 'burners' have turned out OK. On two of the bowls for the burners I made a four foldform fold; then undid those folds by flattening the circle of metal; and then beat the metal into a bowl. This has resulted in some great lines and texture in the burner bowls. The incense burners are about 120mm high and bowls range from 100mm to 120mm.

Barry Smith © Four incense burners with mountains
Barry Smith © Incense burner bowls -folds and texture

Barry Smith © Zinc and brass foldformed and beaten bowl
Yesterday I also beat a few more bowls, small medium and large, and will post on them later.

Barry Smith © The close of a creative Friday
And nature upstaged all the creativity with a soft sunset.


  1. So beautiful! Rebar...I love rebar. Those have to be the most unique Incense burners I've ever seen. I'd burn it more if I one of those to do it in. Envious of all the fun things you have to look forward to. It's a little stagnet over here.

  2. I thought they were the most beautiful beads (for Noela's Bazola pieces) but I can see they will be great incense holders too.

  3. You're on a roll Barry... and what a great backdrop for your photos!!!

  4. Robyn and I are on the same path here - any 'beads' left over? I will start scrounging around for spiral bits of metal xoxox

  5. I admit it - I thought they were beads at first too. LOVE the bowls for the incense burners!

  6. SZQ, R, JM, N & S - thanks for positive supportive comments. I just knew that those interested in detail and jewellery would think 'beads'. Noela has already been over and asked if she might have a 'bead' or two. The pieces for the open studios are coming together which is good. SZQ - I think people will appreciate these as unique incense burners. Go well. B

  7. ooh... love the bowls on mountains!


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