Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moonset and sunrise

On a couple of days a week Fiona heads off to gym for circuit training while it is still dark. I continue to walk on these mornings; and given it is winter here I have experienced some great clear mornings with moonsets and great soft sunrise colours. Thought I might share a few of the images.

Barry Smith © Lunar eclipse
Barry Smith © Moonset at sunrise
Barry Smith © Moonset - later with more light
Barry Smith © Soft colours of sunrise 1
Barry Smith © Soft colours of sunrise 2
So there are benefits in early morning rambles. None of the photos have been altered - just nature's amazing colour palette.

Barry Smith © Sunrise - refections of the city
And the photo above is the refection of the sun on the high-rise buildings in Brisbane's CBD which is about 80klms away from our back deck as the crow flies.


  1. So beautiful... glad you caught the lunar eclipse... nature's palette at its finest!

  2. How magnificent welcoming the new day, recording the light transformation and sharing the magic with us; thank you!!!

  3. what a magical place you and F live in ... an envy to many! :)

  4. These photos are great. I especially like Soft Colors of Sunrise 1. Almost makes me want to pick up the pastels.

  5. Love the last photo! It's what I see behind your art pieces. Gorgeous view. PS - let me know if you get my email.. Who knew if you don't have your email address in your profile no one can respond to your comments. Which is why you've never received my response to some of your comments. I just found that out and have been responding away into NO Man's Land. Sorry.

  6. Pretty damn cold walking at that hour Barry... I wait until the sun is well and truly up. However, as you can see, am at the computer early, and raced out regularly on the day of the lunar eclipse with camera in hand. Your images are much better than mine.

  7. Hello, Barry

    Thank you for showing splendid works.

    Have a good weekend.
    From the Far East.

  8. Barry ...
    great pix ... but it looks pretty frosty out there at that time of day - think I'll stay under the blankets until Mother Sun brings me a warm cup of sunrays at 7pm ...
    cheers - Ken

  9. S, AM, L, DA, SZQ, JM,V, R & K - I'm pleased that we can share the different aspects of ours days and lives even though we are spread across the globe - still sharing and connected by the same sky. I always find the last and first light of day special - though not always up for the first light. B


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