Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some people's gardens are other people's galleries

Monday was the day for installing our sculptural pieces at Clovelly Estate. This outdoor exhibition will be in place for about a month as part of the Creative Spaces - Open Studios promotion. There are 4 artists with outdoor works (Kim, Len, Janna and myself). There will be other studio artists showing works indoor on a promotion night on 10 August. The work of Kim and I are quite complementary - we both do quite a bit with rust and recycled materials. The other two artists work in clay.

The Clovelly gardens and walks cover acres; but our works are set in the gardens around the house. As indicated in the title - an outdoor gallery. The photos below show the installation of pieces; and pieces in place.
Barry Smith © Installing Leaf
Barry Smith © Flow at the end of a gravel walk
Barry Smith © Spiral nestled in dappled light
Barry Smith © Getting Wood and Water settled in place
Barry Smith © Font amidst the ferns
Barry Smith © Looking back at Wood and Water
Barry Smith © Slice of the Landscape under the trees
Barry Smith © Slice of the Landscape 
Barry Smith © Getting Kim's work in balance
And of course the main house of Clovelly Estate.

Clovelly main house
All the photographs were taken by Fiona who also helped supervise the installation of works.


  1. the pieces look beautiful in situ... if the images are moving, then being there must be magical - in nature, with shifting light and rustling sounds the effect would only be amplified yet astonishingly integrated... a tribute to your vision and extraordinary hard work...

  2. They all look as if they were made for the spaces - well done !! xoxox

  3. Those are all just too lovely. I'd love to see water flowing down the tall one. It's all a beautiful site. Well Done! Wish I could see them in real life.

  4. These are all very intriguing works Barry! I would like to see leaf right here in my garden!

  5. What a lovely setting for your pieces!

  6. Each piece is very imposing Barry, tho' it settles into the garden beautifully. Lovely project.

  7. WOW!!! that looks amazing! your pieces look like they live there :) what a beautiful place for an exhibition!!

  8. You are right, the gardens became the perfect gallery for your art works-- garden art for sure.

  9. Wish I could see this in person. Love the rusty leaf sculpture!

  10. MD, N, SZQ, LAM, S, JM,L, D & R - thanks for heaps of support and encouragement - my bigger pieces are always made with a garden setting in mind - our own if they can't find other homes. The texture of the garden and the light and shade all add to the pieces - nature the partner in this art and offering the perfect gallery. SZQ and R - you are always welcome to come and visit and check the art out. LAM - just a little big and heavy to slip into the post and send it over for your garden. Go well and create well. B

  11. Wonderful Barry...wish I could see this in person. I absolutely love coming across artwork nestled in the if it came to be of its own accord or grew into place like a tree. Makes for a wonderful, solitary experience of the work. Congratulations and hope you and the other artists get lots of wonderful feedback. Cheers! P.

  12. Agreed, these pieces look amazing outdoors where they were meant to be enjoyed! It is almost a homecoming of sorts, since so many of the materials you use either come from the outdoors naturally or were rescued and salvaged after being abandoned there. Now everything comes together and returns. Beautiful.

  13. Your combinations of matured wood and rusty metal work fantastically. I can see the hard work behind these wonderful artworks...

    Sometimes I find great pieces of wood on the beach and bring them home. I've still not found out how to fix them to set them up as a weatherproof sculpture in the garden.

  14. P - it is good to share each others art and efforts across the ether but you are right it would be good also to experience it in person. You are always welcome to visit, and who knows we might one day see your bend in the river. TT - that is one of the things I like - to create pieces that will grow and age in placevor seem as though they have always been there - so thank you for seeingbthat. S - the bits you find sound good - maybe they don't need weatherproofing but rather thevopportunitybto continue to change but in thevsecuritybofvyour garden's landscape. But if you do wantbto weatherproof them Eco-oils are pribablynthe way to go butbit needs constantbattention- so I prefer to letbthe pieces 'cure' and age. Go well. B

  15. I'm late with my comment - your works look great B. Funny thing you should say we were balancing my piece - its title 'Balance and Harmony'



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