Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leaves for Open Studio

Fiona and I have committed ourselves to participating in a collective Open Studio event that will take place on 21-22 August and 27-28 August. The work I have been doing for Clovelly Estate is part of the promotion for this event.

However, we are also revamping the shed into our public working studio; and of course need to continue to develop work to have on display as well as have pieces we can work on as or if people visit our studio (601 MVR).

As well as working on light catcher assemblages, I have been doing work on bowls as I indicated in the post for Friday; and am doing a stash of leaves.

Barry Smith © Yet more leaves - brass 
Barry Smith © Leaves in brass
The leaves above were made from the heap of metal I cut from and old jardiniere; and I annealed a week or so ago when I had my big cutting and dismantling day.


  1. these leaves have a really nice coloration on them! very very nice ... was it becos of the heat treatment of is it natural?

  2. one of the things i love about metal is how such a strong material can be manipulated by a master worker and be made to appear delicate and soft... these are just beautiful - those who have the honor of seeing them in person will surely have their breath stolen from them...

  3. These leaves are just so wonderful - make me want to go pound some metal. And those silver plated bowls with the inspirational words are awesome!

  4. Lovely leaves, Languidly lying. Sorry, couldn't help myself Barry.
    Will be aat a workshop at Maleny Arts Retreat for the first dates... are you on the way there?

  5. Lovely leaves, languidly lying. Sorry, couldn't help myself Barry. Am at a workshop at Maleny Arts Retreat for the first dates... are you on the way there?

  6. these are your most realistic leaves yet with the depth of colors and details...perfection!

  7. Your leaves are truly gorgeous!

  8. Barry....I am so amazed at what you can create from "a heap of metal". The leaves are just lovely, delicate and lifelike...

  9. I'm catching up on days of posts and I'm finding the beauty and the peace emanating from your bowls, inspirational words, leaves, and the stunning feathers, are just breathtaking. And what you can get from a bunch of other people's discards is nothing short of brilliant. Always a joy to visit you Barry.

  10. MD, S, JM, L, SZQ, CM and C - thanks for visditing and commenting.
    MD - yes - I like how they can appear delicate and yet be strong - people do respond with a bit of surprise when they hold them.
    S - pound away - metal is fun and recycled stuff is cheap.
    L - the second annealing can create some good colours.
    C- likewise - been so busy have not had as much time to check out preiends and fellow creators .

    Go well. B


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