Friday, July 8, 2011

Simply silver on Friday

Today has been very full. We have about 20 people descending on our place tomorrow afternoon for a meeting of families afternoon tea. Fiona's brother (Al)  and partner (Loraine) recently became engaged; and this has requires Loraine's folk meeting Al's folk and the epicentre is our place. So today a lot of effort went into getting stuff cooked and ready (and tidying and cleaning ) - so not a lot of time for art.

Barry Smith © Words of reflection
Still I managed to polish a couple of simple silver-plate bowls I have cold formed (beaten); and stamped the 7  inspirational words above.  The bowls are made from old silver-plated drink coasters that an artist friend Edith-Ann gave me.

Barry Smith © Mediation bowl in the maker's dirty hand
In the past I have made refection-meditation bowls (usually simple punched bowls); and inspirational words (usually as part of pieces I call in the balance or finding the balance in our daily lives). In these simple silver bowls I wanted to bring together the palm meditation bowl with inspirational words. The owner of such a combo could choose a word at random each day and make that the focus of reflection-meditation.

Barry Smith © Simple silver meditation bowl and words
Barry Smith © Simple silver meditation bowls and words
I think the combination works - they look simple and classic. One of the bowls above is first punched into a form and then beaten (the lower bowl that has the fold in it); whereas the other is simply beaten. I think I will make a series of these simple silver  bowls and words for our Open Studio in August.


  1. Good to see you haven't been slacking today xoxoxoxo

  2. These are so lovely! Do you have to heat this metal to pound it into a bowl and letter stamp it or can you do it cold??

  3. They DO look simple and classic Barry. I love the whole concept of meditation bowls.

  4. Looking at these bowls puts me in the right frame of mind for meditation Barry. Such a lovely idea, beautifully crafted.

  5. i just dusted my tiny beautiful holds a pebble that, like it, has a line through it. that line could go anywhere, you know.

  6. I love the idea and look of the printed words in the bowl- such lovely beaten bowls to set off the beautiful words-- words to live by for sure.

  7. mmm... like this idea... & the simplicity

  8. N, SZQ, JM, R, V, D &S - glad the simplicity of the bowls and words resonates.
    SZQ - these bowls are cold beaten as I did not want to burn the thin coating of silver off the based plate.
    V- makes me happy to know a bowl resides with you and you claim it as yours through a special stone.
    D - spot on - the 7 words are in fact words to live by - in making bowls and words for individuals I would ask what words they want to live by.
    S - thought reflection and reflective words might appeal to you.
    Go well. B


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