Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is it right?

Well it was another early morning walk for me this morning as Fiona was off to the gym at 5.50am. The title of this post poses the question is it really right to be up and out in the brisk wintery cold when the moon has not even set.
Barry Smith © Moon at dawn
Barry Smith © Moon at dawn - unusual texture & colour  - iPhone zoom
Whilst I have a bit of a false moan about the early Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I do like walking i the early morning light as it grows from semi-dark to first light; and today was no different. There were so many birds waking and calling as I walked along Treehaven Way. The branches of the winter trees make good early morning lookouts for the birds.

Barry Smith © Early light
Barry Smith © Bare branches and bird
And even the flowers on the nectarine bush (below) celebrates the early sunshine.
Barry Smith © Nectarine blossom at first light
As you can see from the photos below our valley was beginning to flood with sunshine as I arrived home.

Barry Smith © Sun seeps into the valley
Barry Smith © Sun colours the valley and western mountains

The last photo is really 9 photos stitched together using the AutoStitch app on my iPhone. All the photos were taken with my trusty iPhone.


  1. i wish i can be a morning person too Barry ... but 5.50am is about the average time i retire to bed ((O_o)) maybe when Llara goes to morning school next year, and i have to drive her, my body clock would adapt. i hope ...

  2. For me it's the best time of the day to walk though in Winter I do moan and groan and creak until we are well on our way. The last photo is pretty amazing! Modern technology is wonderful isn't it?!

  3. Early mornings are definitely the best for walking, cold or not. It is so quiet, except for the waking birds, and the first rays of sun are the icing on the cake... literally.

  4. I commend you for getting up early and doing your exercise. I'm really bad about that, but here it's 100 by 8am so it's no fun. Seems odd to hear how cold it is somewhere else, wish that breeze would blow this way. The landscape looks so beautiful there. Beam me up Scotty!

  5. Hi L, R, JM & SZQ - glad the morning amble resonated with you in different ways - we are connected as artists but such different places and lives. L - young children are always going to be your clock. R - glad there are a few groans and moans in your winter walks. JM - yes we are lucky with such bird awakening in the morn. SZQ - it is hard to imagine the temperature at 8am -when we are windy and cold - I feel like saying Beam me up to where you are to enjoy the warmth - but the seasons will move on. I still enjoy the technology of the iPhone apps. Go well and enjoy life. B

  6. Wow, B, those first two shots have an almost Asian pen-and-ink feeling to them! Right before daybreak is indeed a magical time of day. I used to take long walks at 5am with the moon setting on the left side of the sky and the sun rising on the right and not a soul around. Definitely worth giving up staying in bed late!


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