Friday, July 15, 2011

A good days's work on Friday

Given our commitment to 'work-work', community and family it has been a bit hard lately to spend much time in the studio on Friday. Today has been great - a morning of community, office and home admin and visitors has been followed by an afternoon of creation. I finished building another heavy duty workbench over at the shed that is quickly becoming our 'public' studio; and I finished my piece for the next COMA exhibition.

The next COMA exhibition is titled: Maleny Image 9 - introduced; it is to coincide with Weed Week; and will be held in the local Maleny Library for the period 29 August-12 September. The theme is weeds - artists can create both 2 and 3D pieces but all have to be able to hang on the wall and be 10X12 inches in size.

Barry Smith © Foldformed flowers and leaves
After some research by Fiona, we are going to focus on an agressive creeping weed called Ageratina riparia (also known as Mistflower and creeping crofton weed). My 3D work is loosely based on the weed's form.

Barry Smith © Beauty that creeps and smothers
I wanted to give a sense of both the beauty and aggressiveness of this creeping weed - hence the delicate form yet dangerous look of the flowers.

Barry Smith © Anodised aluminium leaves
Barry Smith © Anodised aluminium flowers
Barry Smith © Foldformed leaves and flowers
The leaves are beaten-foldformed from a green anodised aluminium canister; and the flowers from a couple of different coloured anodised aluminium cake tins.


  1. This is very exciting and I look forward to the next step you reveal.

  2. I love to see the process of how you form these gorgeous pieces of scrap!

  3. Absolutely awesome! Both beauty and agressiveness are wonderfully expressed.
    Your leaves are so wonderful - I was doing some foldforming on some tiny copper pieces today (ouch) and found myself wishing I had your skill!

  4. The flowers do look quite dangerous but they are beautifully shaped. Cake tins transformed!

  5. Barry - well done - great colours and shapes ...
    cheers - Ken

  6. Inspired... and very beautiful Barry. Funny that deadly weeds are so attractive.

  7. MFM, SZQ, S, R, K and JM - thanks for the comments - this piece is almost done.
    SZQ - maybe you need to come visit some day and we can swap techniques.
    S - loved your leaves in the earrings - small is always a challenge.
    R - love the concept of transforming cake tins.
    Go well and continue to create well and share. B

  8. Barry, you have absolutely accomplished what you set out to do - the aggression and beauty are both conveyed masterfully! They seem to say - come closer and look but don't touch, we are sharper than you think!

  9. Stunning work Barry. The leaves look very tactile.


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