Sunday, May 20, 2012

Home on the mountain

Well one can only have so much excitement  in the city before it becomes a tad boring looking at ceilings.

©2012 Barry Smith - Hospital ceiling study 1

©2012 Barry Smith - Hospital ceiling study 2
©2012 Barry Smith - Hospital ceiling study 3
So today Fiona brought me back up onto the restorative mountains.

©2012 Barry Smith - Ah the beauty of the Glasshouse Mountains
The last couple of days have been a little painful healthwise but in the end not life threatening. I had a virus of the sack around my heart. Some folk get sinus or chest virus but oh no not good enough - why not go for a heart sack virus? As they say in the ads - don't try this at home - I just don't recommend it - it hurts.

I had a bit of an event in the emergency area which resulted in a young (and I must say strong) woman pummelling my chest (CPR) until I just had to wake up and get on with it. However, that exuberant chest massage has left me a tad bruised and sore; and all the tentative breathing has resulted in a slightly collapsed lung. Still I'm well on the way to being dangerous to myself and others again.

©2012 Barry Smith - Fragile leaf on wood
Big thank-you to all those folk who sent good wishes etc.
It will take a little time for me to get into thrashing metal but that will happen.  All photos taken with the trusty iPhone and altered.


  1. It looks like you put your time 'resting' to good use - glad you are on the mend and still have a sense of humour. Was worried!!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. So glad to hear you're back home and not languishing in a hospital room. The way you and Fiona say you had a bit of an episode with CPR...well, you're making light of it and that's understandable. Still...

    Welcome home. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. Barry I hope you feel better now!
    take good care,
    encouragement and a big hug from Madrid


  4. Wow, Barry, intense! Glad you are home in the "restorative mountains". Sending gentle healing to you... rest well and heal with ease.

  5. oh barry... sending love & healing thoughts xo
    at least f has got you back home.... gentle steps...
    take care my friend x

  6. Barry I'm so sorry you've had such a tough time and I do thank our lucky stars that the strong young thing was there to pummel your heart back into ticking order. Please be kind to yourself and DO NOT rush back to metal work. Rather visualize all the beauty you will create when the doc give's you the go ahead. Sending you healing thoughts ..... and strength to Fiona. She must have had quite a shock!

  7. Goodness! You definately have had a rough time. Glad to hear you are recovered and getting stronger. The metal can wait a little longer.

  8. oh my god, barry, i am so sorry you have had such an extreme "event". holy cow. ok, in mom mode now: rest and recuperate and get better!!! wow, you (and fiona) must be so exhausted and so ready to get back to your home and rest. be well, and go well barry.
    hugs to you both!

  9. so very glad you are back on the mountain - it is where you belong... how do you have me laughing when what you went through was so serious? iphone-ography of the hospital ceiling, really?
    so nice to have you back -

  10. OMG Barry.... sounds quite serious. Glad you are over it, if a little sore. Please take care of yourself. Amazing how creative you are, even when relegated to bed.

  11. sorry to hear about your illness and pain! I've been out of the blogging loop and just getting caught up, so will be going back in time reading posts....however, just had to let you know I'm glad you are feeling better....take it easy on yourself!!! Enjoy the mountain top....most restorative, I'm sure!

  12. Take care, I had a virus that attacked my pancrease, 9 months of not knowing the outcome, finally leaving me a diabetic.
    who knows what a virus can attack and ultimately do.

  13. Ditto to all of the above messages! Big hug for that sore heart. Am sure being home will help you heal. xxx

  14. Take care, rest well, look after yourself, take a break, get bored, slowly,slowly. Hope you feel good soon.

  15. Wow - glad you are back on the mountain and so glad there was a strong young thing to pummel your chest. Whew. Wishing you speedy and total recovery, sending love and healing energy for both you and Fiona.

  16. good on ya Baz ...
    I knew there would be a photo opportunity in there !!! ... I'm a tad disappointed tho - was hoping you may have had some shots of the CPR episode !!!!
    But great you're on the mend - will come visit when you're more better ....
    cheers - Ken

  17. Far out B! What a scare, so glad to hear you are on the mend, take care of yourself! K

  18. Barry so glad you emerged from this episode with sense of humor - and everything else - intact. Don't rush your recovery - the metal can wait, and you and your nearest and dearest will just have to learn to live without your particular brand of danger a little while longer! Feel better soon! Sending you and F much love.

  19. Barry,

    I was shocked and surprised when Miss G gave me your news tonight. I am glad that you are back on the mountain and on the mend. We both are sending you our thoughts and our love.

    Rest up and take care,

  20. N. J,E, VA,SS,R,J, V.MJ, JM, P (MB), P, SB, M, S/R, KM, K TT/G & BS - all just a brief response to say thanks for the overwhelming support, positive vibes etc. I feel a bit knocked about but am gradually getting back on track. Will have to be patient and let healing run its course - did I just say I would be patient - must be something in the water I'm drinking. Anyway not spending a lot of time at the computer at the moment. Go well. B

  21. Oh my I'm so sorry to read of this. I've been in Washington with no internet for over a week! I do hope you are back on the mend and feeling better. I'm sitting in a coffee shop and will not have time for catching up until I get back 1st of June. I wish you a speedy recovery and do hope all will be well.

  22. I haven't had internet for over a week so I'm a bit late in adding my best wishes for your speedy recovery. Much love to you and Fiona.

  23. Barry.. i thought i left a message here last week but blogger seems to have a mind of its own at times...anyway, thinking of you and hoping you are on the mend now after such a scare..take it easy, rest and recover quickly!

  24. is not often that i am laughing and crying all in a split second...see laughing cause it was amusing to me that you actually photographed the ceiling...almost similar to our hospital in which i sat and tried to count how many little holes there were...i tell ya...the hospital can make you go a bit batty!

    i am ever so thankful to hear you are back on your mountain where you belong...i can only imagine the scare you had and gave to sometimes it decides to grab hold of us and take us down a not so smooth path i will never understand...i have never heard of a heart sack virus... do they know what caused it? as for your collapsed lung...are you healing up alright...

    my healing vibes be with you always for strength and good health to remain within you and for you each day and ever day...though i may not be around as much as i once thoughts have always remained...heavy sigh...b~


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