Friday, May 25, 2012

A gesture on Friday

Still tucked away in a hospital bed, at least this time in Maleny, but managing to do some sketches and take and alter the odd photo.

This is my sketch book with the work I planned to do today; until pain intervened. Taken using PhotoCamera.

The same sketch book page altered.

Some plans for some posts and fonts...

Ahh, the view! This looks like it was taken after mind-altering drugs, shame I'm not on any.

And some sunny sunflowers for Edith-Ann and Carol.

Thanks for all the good wishes support, etc. I hope to be back bashing metal soon.


  1. I must admit to having a good chuckle at your view of the room on mind altering drugs and especially at your following comment. Seems you are on the mend with sense of humor intact. Wonderful! I hope they let you go home soon so you can finish your recovery with a much better view.

  2. sending love and thoughts of a solid and thorough and speedy recovery.

  3. they really must love you on the floor - and as velma wished so do i for a true recovery with a mended body and rested mind when you leave...
    your alteration of the room as if on mind altering drugs made me think of a book i read and movie i saw called 'fear and loathing in las vegas' by hunter s. thompson...
    be well - love and healing thoughts across the miles...

  4. Many healing blessings to you, Barry. Hope your recovery is speedy and that pain goes away.

  5. Oh Barry, I was just kidding yesterday when I quipped to Fiona that you landed yourself back in the hospital only to make use of the photographic opportunities of the setting! Always ready to suffer for art! I'm glad I was also prescient regarding your return to Blogland. Since I have such power, right now I am imagining that you will soon be home and this nasty episode put firmly behind you. Sending you the maximum quantity of love permitted for shipment overseas, from me and B.

  6. Phew Barry! You have given us quite a fright but as Jennifer commented, your humor remains intact which is a very heartening (get it? )sign. Please take it slowly and let your body heal in it's own time.

  7. oh no B!!! didn't know you had an episode!! cos i was bedridden in the last week as well. had a viral attack they thought was dengue. so in some sense we were both battling these miniscule lifeforms at the same time in separate places! hope you are on the mend my fren. i know hospital stay can be quite a pain. but better be where the pros can monitor you, cos the episode you had seems really scary. be well and take care!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Well, what ever drugs they are allowing you sure aren't spoiling your sense of humour. I just hope you recover (totally) really quick. No matter how great a hospital is, it still isn't somewhere you long to be...
    Sending healing thoughts and wishes for your recovery.

  9. Barry,

    G and I paid a visit to SVAC in Manchester today, and you and Fiona were firmly on our minds!

    Please, please, please get yourself well and out of that sterile environment. Forces rest is not always a bad thing, but under these circumstances - not a good thing.

    Much love and thoughts of peace and health to both you and Fiona,

  10. Do take things slowly this really can be life threatening.
    All my best healing thought go to you.
    I wear my lovely earring daily and I think of you as I put them on.
    Love the things that are keeping you busy and keep up that sense of humour.
    Regards to Fiona.

  11. good to see you start blogging slowly again, a sign of mending we hope, take care, enjoy the rest even if its boring in there.
    go well, as you always say! M.

  12. Am so pleased you are well enought to blog. The news from the Maleny mob has been frightening indeed. What a trial for you and Fiona. Hope it's soon behind you and you are able to undertake lots of great projects that are now stewing away in your mind.

  13. oh my goodness, i had no idea of what you have been going through. I am so glad you are on the mend and enjoying your sketches and artful photography. Quite fun photography too.
    sending healing vibes.

  14. My goodness,Barry, but the ceiling in your hospital room is a lot more interesting than any I have ever seen!
    Very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  15. Barry, hope you are feeling well enough to go home real stays are not fun but often necessary..especially in your case! At least you have your trusty iphone app to keep you amused and entertained! take it easy..sending positive thoughts your way!

  16. Barry, so sorry to hear you're in Maleny Hospital but so pleased you have your iPhone with you. Your photos are great, especially the room ceiling. Do I detect the mind altering Paper Camera or do you have something I don't have?

    Take care, get well, do what Fiona tells you. Best, best, best wishes to you both.

  17. wee little has woken from his sleep calling for me...i shall return in the be continued...blessings shining brightly upon you and fiona this night and always...b~


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