Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Year of iPhoneography Volume 1 by Barry Smith

I haven't posted on my iPhoneography Blurb book recently as I was waiting for it to arrive so I could check it out 'in the flesh' to see that it had turned out OK.

©2012 Barry Smith - A year of iPhoneography Volume 1 by Barry Smith - front cover
As you can see from the photo above I have taken delivery of multiple copies of the 'book'. The cover is really a pale green not white - though I would have liked that. And as you can see from the following photos of the book it has turned out OK -  sigh of relief!!!

©2012 Barry Smith - A Year of  iPhoneography Volume 1 by Barry Smith - rust pages 
©2012 Barry Smith - A Year of iPhoneography Volume 1 by Barry Smith - rust pages 2
©2012 Barry Smith - ©2012 Barry Smith - A Year of iPhoneography Volume 1 by Barry Smith - built objects pages 
©2012 Barry Smith - ©2012 Barry Smith - A Year of iPhoneography Volume 1 by Barry Smith - art pages
©2012 Barry Smith - A Year of iPhoneography Volume 1 by Barry Smith - back cover
A few things I have learnt through the process include:

  • a hard cover version is more expensive but also looks more impressive; 
  • one needs to make sure the photo size is correct for each space in the Blurb templates - it is worth deleting and resizing the photos;
  • transfer all the photos one is using into a separate folder to make access easy for uploading; 
  • do larger amounts of text in a word document;
  • pay a little more attention to details such as the background colour of the front and back covers; and 
  • maybe in 2012 I will use a few more light colours rather than as many dark backgrounds.

The book is 40 pages in all - including back and front covers. If you are interested in previewing the book you can click here.  You can buy the book directly from Blurb - it is for sale at cost.  You can buy soft or hard cover versions and also an iPad/iPhone version.


  1. It's fantastic, Congratulations!!!

  2. Looks like it turned out great. So nice to be so organized to get it all together and actually printed. I've done it in smaller scale, but organization and focus.....well someday!

  3. Well done Barry. Looks pretty good... and the next one will be even better.

  4. Cool! Looks great.... I've been thinking about something like this for some of my photos. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. looks great, you must be happy with the result. wonderfull idea to have your creations together in a book.
    Up to no. 2!

  6. Very cool! It amazes me that one can "page" through a whole book on Blurb.

  7. this is very cool B!! the photos turned out great and the layout very professional. it's like an exhibition of your work only in a book!! wow!! i need to go find out more about this Blurp thingy ...
    really looks great!!!

  8. congratulations on your beautiful book and thank you for sharing the things that you learned along the way.

  9. i really am quite taken by this idea - and your book turned out beautifully... much work invested and lessons learned, but what an impressive and meaningful book to have... in a world where we have gone from tangible (real books, real 4x6 photos) to digital, you have brought it full circle again... it must be very satisfying...

  10. E, SZQ, JM, VA, M, R, L, TL & MJ - Thanks for your kind comments; and I would encourage folk to have a go - you only need to purchase one copy of your own work so it does not have to be expensive to have a tangible record of stuff one has created. E&TL - very pleased that two photographers I admire and respect think it is OK. SZQ - it is a good way of making a hard copy record and display of what you do - I can just see a book full of plasma cut goodies. The Blurb selling policy allows the author to set the preview arrangements - since I'm not doing it for a profit I thought why not show a reasonable number of pages. L- I can just imagine you beautiful pieces being presented in a book with the stories you tell about them in it - beautiful. MJ - thanks heaps - and yes a good way to remind oneself about achievements - often slips by when we don't have something physical to hold a reflect on from time to time. Again - thanks for your indulgence in looking at these on my posts from time to time; and for your encouragement here. Go well. B

  11. Barry let me add my congratulations and admiration to the chorus! I think you did a really good job with this. Almost anyone can pull together a Blurb book, but not many can do it well in terms of thinking through the layout and design for the best visual impact. Bravo!

  12. ~b...your book turned out beautiful...i really do love this idea both you and fiona have done with creating a piece of art...a timeless treasure from your blog...inspiring indeed...i have made photo books before but only for family members not so for my own liking and reading...thank you for sharing this with us and your tidbits as for more reading! be well always, b~


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