Sunday, May 13, 2012

Snow in autumn?

For some reason the Camellias on our block have just gone ballistic this year - heaps of growth and loads of flowers. We have had many beautiful specimens this year.

©2012 Barry Smith Backyard Camellia 1
©2012 Barry Smith Backyard Camellia 2
©2012 Barry Smith Backyard Camellia 3
But we have also had masses of beautiful petals falling amongst the cuphea bushes and flowers  - from the deck they look like snow amidst the foliage.

©2012 Barry Smith Drift of petals
©2012 Barry Smith Petals on pebble path
On the terraces below the house we have planted 40+ Camellia bushes. They are graded in colour to move from white-pink to very deep red pink as the bushes are spaced from the rock river towards the boundary of the block.
©2012 Barry Smith - Rows of Camellias on the terraces
The plan is that we (Fiona really as she is chief pruner in our household) will prune the Camellia bushes into tree forms so that folk can walk along the terrace under the lowest branches of the small Camellia trees. We planted the Camellias about 2m apart; and are now thinking that is far too close and therefore may need to make every second one a tree and the others a small bush - a  work in progress.


  1. That view...heavenly. I can breath looking at it. Thank you!

    The camellias are gorgeous too, but it's the view that captivates me just now.

  2. Beautiful!

    The house I grew up in had three Japanese Cherries just outside the back door - and my bedroom window. Spring was so amazingly beautiful with petals drifting everywhere and settling in great piles on the ground. Perfect for me to dive into and be envelopped in delicate, pink petals

  3. It must've been the rain... it's a great year for cameelias. Love the plan for your camellia walk.

  4. i always find it a challenge to envision the space needed for a full grown plant when planting but i like your solution!

  5. Beautiful frames, I love those flowers, amazing textures and colors!

  6. ~b...your brought a memory back to me this night of my grandmother...camellias were her most beloved of flowers...the drift of petals picture is just beautiful...b~


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