Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shop is up and running

It seems that for a long time Fiona and I have been planning and promising to get our Shops up and operating on our websites. From time to time we haves been asked how can folk buy our stuff on-line. The day has finally arrived and the 'mini shops' have been tested and launched. We have also revamped or websites a bit as part of the shop development.Yippee!!

©2012 Barry Smith - Screen shot of revamped website
 You can check out my shop by clicking Barry's Shop; and Fiona's shop by clicking Fiona's Shop.

©2012 Barry Smithy - Screen shoot of part of the Shop page
We have had to set a policy for our shops. In the main, our shops will have items for sale that are not held in any gallery stockrooms or physical shops; and most will be light and robust for ease of posting. This means I will mainly have bowls, leaves, light incense burner and my Found and Formed Jewellery. Many similar lines and pieces will also be sold through the studio and in particular will be for sale during open studio days.

I built shelves in my clean studio to set the shop pieces aside so they do not get confused with what is on display and for sale through the studio (601 MVR).

©2012 Barry Smith - Mini Shop stock (bottom two shelves)
The studio will have many other heavier pieces for sale such as my Light Catchers; personal shrines; other larger bowls; and outdoor sculptural pieces such as the 'posts' - similar to those below.

©2012 Barry Smith - Circle of Light - light catcher
©2012 Barry Smith - Large spiral bowl
©2012 Barry Smith - Flow (post)
Of course these other items are also for sale by request.  It has taken us some time but we are pleased that we have finally achieved our goal regarding our Shops.


  1. Site looks great, B! I really like the look and the layout of both yours and F's - clean, neat, simple, not an assault on the eye as some sites can be. Very much in line with who you are and what your work is about, which is of course the ultimate goal when creating your personal web presence! Bravo to you both.

  2. congrats barry! your shop looks fabulous...this could become dangerous for me...

  3. Yay!!!! All I need is some spare cash and I'll be shopping.

  4. You and Fiona are a constant source of inspiration Barry! Love the new look and the shop. Am sure it will be a success.

  5. Congratulations Barry! Your shop is looking good. Love the large spiral bowl!

  6. Looking good Barry!! Congratulations on getting it all set up!

  7. wow!! congrats on the setting up of your new shop!! it looks fab!! :)

  8. Congratulations, Barry, your shop looks stunning. Now I know where to go next time (though I think the next lot of special birthdays are the 80 year olds!) Fiona's shop is lovely too, both so evocative of the owners.

  9. ~b....aaahhh...i had noticed quite a few changes around here...i am delighted that you are up and running with your shop and wish you only the best with this new adventure...each piece will truly touch the lives of each who purchase them...mine are constant reminders of the friendship and blessings that have been bestowed upon me...always much love light and blessings~


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