Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On moons and mushrooms

Like so many others we have been experiencing the most amazing moons over the past week because of the super moon phenomen. Most nights have been clear and cool-coldish so the moonlight has been extra bright and size of the moon has appeared extra big.

©2012 Barry Smith Moon and drifting cloud  (iPhone grain)
I can never take very good shots with the zoom on the iPhone camera; but with a bit of drifting cloud I got to play with the grainy texture and drifting clouds.

©2012 Barry Smith - Moon burning bright
©2012 Barry Smith - Who stole the moon?
©2012 Barry Smith - Painting the moon by numbers?
When we took delivery of a load of mushroom compost I thought we might get a repeat of the incidental mushroom crop from leftover spoors like we did last year. Initially nothing happened for a couple of weeks - disappointment!!. And then we had the rain and now mushrooms are bursting out all over. So there have been a few kilos harvested. Good news for many as we can share the bounty.

©2012 Barry Smith - Mushroom study 1
©2012 Barry Smith - Mushroom study 2
©2012 Barry Smith - Mushroom study 3

©2012 Barry Smith - Mushrooms - after the harvest
And just to finish on a slightly OTT photos below:  one a double worked photo with an overlay of fake lightning; and the other with the Paper Camera app and then reworked a bit.

©2012 Barry Smith - Mordor moon?
©2012 Barry Smith - Rusted on the moon
Never alone when you own an iPhone!!!!


  1. The Mordor Moon is stunning! Of course, the real moon must be even more so, but...

  2. so my kids and dad keep telling me - you guys make it hard to not succumb, but my phone is still kicking (though i think not for much longer and then it will only make sense to get one... it's rationalizing fabulous?!)
    we missed the moon - had rain all week... so thank you for all of the takes on yours...
    in the second mushroom photo one looks like an eyeball!

  3. absolutley love the mushroom shots Barry. x

  4. lovely has a way of fueling our artistic vision doesn't it?
    these are so lush it makes me wonder if you'll be creating with a brush and canvas next...

  5. J, MJ, S & L - thanks for the comments folks. J - I also like the Mordor photo - it has atmosphere. MJ - kids might be right - but need to get value out of the old one - hold out for iPhone 5; and did you see the hand in the last rust shot? S - so many mushroom - love the texture of the flutes on the underside. L - in a former life I was a landscape painter but could not go back to it. Go well. B

  6. Magical mushrooms, Barry. Our mushroom compost has never offered even a glimpse of a mushroom. I love that overlay lightening, can't resist using it now and then. Mordor Moon is really beautiful, and yes, I see the hand.


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