Friday, May 4, 2012

Slightly sidetracked on Friday

Both Fiona and I got to spend the afternoon in the studio as planned.

I had planned to continue the production of 10 "In the Balance" pieces - wooden cubes balanced on an edge with daily words of focus held in a vee pocket that has a metal front. I had cut and sanded the cubes Wednesday afternoon so I was ready to go with the metal work. But that was not to happen. This morning's paper had a 'lifestyle' magazine that I would usually ignore but in flicking through I spied some tube rings that that had folded edges. On entering the studio-garage I was overcome with the need to see if I could make a tube ring out of scrap.

So the ring below was made from the inner fuel tube of recycled fuel stove and a sliver of red anodised aluminium from a saucepan lid.

©2012 Barry Smith - Formed tube brass and anodised aluminium ring
©2012 Barry Smith - Formed tube brass and anodised aluminium ring
©21012 Barry Smith - Recycled brass tube and anodised aluminium
©2012 Barry Smith - Fiona models the tube ring
But I did manage to compete one of the ten  "In the Balance" pieces.

©2012 Barry Smith - Balancing cubes ready for metal work
©2012 Barry Smith - Daily words for In the Balance
©2012 Barry Smith - Small (80mm cube) In the Balance piece with words 
©2012 Barry Smith - How "In the Balance" might be used
I was pleased with the ring - it was an indulgent creative moment for myself which I got a buzz from. I think the ring form has some potential - hmm!! will fit the making of more into the flow at sometime.

But the next bit of work in the studio will need to be those balance pieces as one of our local galleries has indicated they would like to have a stash of these for their stockroom sales.


  1. Love that ring, sent an e mail, so happy with my earrings, thanks so much.

  2. A man of many talents. Great work AGAIN!

  3. brilliant! the ring is just wonderful... i love the cubes, holding special intentions closely...

  4. Both beautiful... I love the concept ofthe balance pieces.. cool!!

  5. Barry, your energy and zeal is quite an uplift!! The ring is gorgeous....I'm sure there will be more coming....can't wait to see! Cheers!

  6. Very Fun! Love the color change. You're on a very creative streak over there. Enjoying!

  7. yes, your ring is beautiful! and looks wonderful on Fiona!

    love your balance pieces too, you have a wonderful style in all you do!

  8. I have no words... this ring is outstanding,
    Bravo bravo bravo!!!

  9. Hello, Barry.

      The work including spring.
      The vitality of the heart is made to arise.

      I am glad of your visit, though each other is far distantly.
      The prayer for all peace and healthy.
    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  10. Don't you just love sidetracks ...........
    Beautiful Barry.

  11. The ring turned out wonderfully and the idea has much potential. Love your 'balance' cubes with the daily words - fantastic idea!

  12. You really need more to do Barry. THe ring worked wonderfully well.

  13. P, M, MJ, VA, P (MB), SZQ, TL, E, R, S/R & JM - hi folks- thanks for the comments on both the ring and the balance blocks - it was a bit of a mixed bag Friday but a good one. P-got your email and pleased the earrings arrived. M - the ring is a bit basic but I now know a bit more about the technique. MJ - yes the daily words offer the intention to put that into the balance of the day, a bit like my daily words in a bowl - guess there is a bit of a theme here? VA - happy that the balance blocks can be cool. P (MB) I did enjoy making that ring so yes there will be more. SZQ - it is just great to go with the flow as you know. TL - Fiona is not usually one who wears red but she did say she would make an exception with this ring. E-I'm really glad you liked this simple piece. S/R - good way to use up pipe I think- mind you it means the rings have preset sizes. JM - I'm sure I will find something more to entertain myself with. All - go well, create well and be well. B

  14. Your ideas just keep on coming. Love the Balance cube and very impressed with the ring.


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