Sunday, May 6, 2012

Leaf Fragments finds a new home

Fiona and I did another longish car trip to Goondiwindi (5 hrs each way) on Saturday and today to pick up the pieces I had entered into the Goonidwindi Aspects Art Show.

©2012 Barry Smith - Entrance to the Aspects Art Show
As you can see from the photo below Leaf Fragments (aka 'Big Leaf') was given an award but was not the competition winner. However, a local person liked it, wanted it and bought it. So Leaf Fragments will now reside in Goondiwindi. The new owner took us to her new home to show us where she planned to install the work - on a pale greyish rendered wall at the entrance to the house - perfect position - wall mounted.

©Fiona Dempster - Leaf Fragments installed on crushed rock at the entrance to the Aspects Art Show
©2012 Fiona Dempster - Rust and shadows - detail of Leaf Fragments 
©2012 Fiona Dempster - Drop-out leaf - detail of Leaf Fragments
The organisers of Aspects Art Show reported that the leaf was well received; and you can see from some of the footprints on the piece that some young ones got up and personal with it. It is a very robust piece and could handle the traffic. Photos of the other works I entered as they were presented at the show-exhibition follow.

©2012 Fiona Dempster - Leaf Bowls
©2012 Fiona Dempster - Section of Leaf Cascade - with corrugated roof in the background
The organisers of Aspects Art Show (Natalie Woods, Kate Owen and Kate Dight) should be very proud of the tremendous body of work they pulled together from all ages and a number of mediums; and for the curating of so much art in the corrugated hanger pavillion - congratulations to them.
©2012 Barry Smith - Aspects Catalogue cover
It was good to take part in this art event that had so much energy and was seen by so many. We are tired from the trip but happy.


  1. Congratulations on the sale of Leaf Fragments! It's a gorgeous piece and the new owner must be thrilled to have it.

    Now...tell me more about the post portals that mentioned in your comment on my blog. You've peaked my interest.

  2. and happy is good...
    it is interesting to think of the leaf as wall hung - i believe i read at the entrance to the house, so i am assuming the weathering process will continue... thinking of the rust running down the walls and how it will indeed not merely sit upon the wall, but become one with it... it must have been very satisfying to have it be purchased and appreciated to the degree it was... i look at that leaf and remember your comment upon how many saw blades you used!
    your sunday has come and gone, i hope it was an enjoyable one on the block...

  3. Yikes... that is a long tirp. Congratulations on the award and the sale!

  4. Congratulations, Barry. Looks like it was really a very fine event.

  5. Sounds like you had lots of recognition - Wonderful! Great you sold the leaf and that you continue to spread those beautiful leaves around.

  6. J,MJ, VA, S/R & SZQ - thanks for the congratulations on the artistic recognition, sale and comments. J- Guess you are just going to have to wait to see if and what eventualities by way of post-portals??? MJ - I did discuss the weathering and leaching process with the buyer - the piece will be under cover but still will continue to rust. Her daughter is an artist so I did discuss dating the piece to stabilise the rusting. VA - yes it was a long trip - return trip was longer as we stopped to assist a young woman with a broken-down car. S/R - it was an went a lot of folk would snub because it was country - but it means so much to the local areas and it is such an introduction of so many young folk to the creative side of life. Worth going in it just to share in that. SZQ - guess we can't have too many leaves or rust around really especially if they bring joy. Go well all. B

  7. Beautiful photos, creative compositions is excellent exposure. I like the poster with beautiful colors, greetings.

  8. Selling your piece was the icing on the cake Barry. Well done.

  9. how wonderful B!! isn't it great to find homes for your art? it always feels great for me ... and to see where exactly it's going to be ... is even better!!

  10. congrats on your show and sale.. to a good home too. I like the name.. leaf fragments.. so nature based.

  11. L, JM, LT & D - thanks for leaving a comment - always gives me a kick along. L - glad you like the composition. JM - yes selling is good. LT - I agree one of the things I like about selling is knowing my creations are spread across the globe. D - leaf fragments was such a natural name - the wind and rain so often breaks leaves into fragments and scatters them. Though not sure these fragments will fly around much. All - go well and be well. B


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