Friday, August 31, 2012

Block 'creations' on Friday

Fiona and I are to host a wedding on our decks tomorrow - so we have felt we needed to finish a few bits of landscaping and tidy a few things on the 'block'; as well as doing the general clean.

©2012 Barry Smith - Rust in the Fire-pit
One thing I've wanted to do for sometime is to finish the terrace below the Peace Bell. It is finally done: the retaining wall has been finished and painted; the gravel has been hauled and raked; and a few pieces of timber have been added to creates steps and points of interest; and the large rusted fire-pit Fiona and I bought a long time ago has finally been installed. I think it has a bit a a zen sparseness to it. Pity about the big water tanks in the background - I guess the Camellias will eventually hide them.

The photos were rushed and don't really do the terrace justice.

©2012 Barry Smith - Peace Bell decks and terrace
©2012 Barry Smith - Timber block steps.
©2012 Barry Smith - Fire-pit and timber cubes on the Peace Bell terrace
As part of the general tidy up I couldn't resist adding a few more bits of rust to be discovered.

©2012 Barry Smith - Rusted hand mower
©2012 Barry Smith - Rust installation.

It has been a long and physically taxing Friday but satisfying both from a creativity and giving perspective.


  1. Looks great. Its nice to get things finished.

  2. it really does look lovely, and you must be just exhausted between preparing your home and the peace in the trees project... i wish you much joy with the wedding... and some well earned rest afterwards...
    hoping for a beautiful day!

  3. Great rusted bits... and beautiful looking terrace! Enjoy!!

  4. Perhaps a party of painters is in order to paint those water tanks. All look beautiful and rusty. It shall be a wonderful place to exchange vows!

  5. Your 'new' terrace looks beautiful - love the peace bell - what a wonderful thing to have...
    Hope everything goes well at the wedding - have a great time and rest up afterwards...

  6. Delicious photos, I love these compositions, very well integrated in the environment.

  7. P, MJ, VA, SZQ, S/R & L - the effort was worth it as the place looked good for the couple; and the wedding fast-tracked some projects; and we are fairly organised clockwise for the Open Studios coming up in a couple of weeks. We are a bit tired from all the effort but things on the lids are getting done; and I'm fit again after all the drama earlier in the year so that is good. I like the Peace Bell terrace - it is a great quite space now. Go well. B

  8. B ... can i be utterly jealous that you guys live in paradise??? seriously man ... this is like one of those dream homes you see on the magazines!!


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