Sunday, August 5, 2012

Production with a twist

 I'm in a bit of production mode at the moment - making bits for the Food Festival; product for Open Studios; few replacement things for the shop; and couple of requests.

Over the weekend I got some time to make a few 'leafspoons'; a couple of silver leaves; finished the copper ladle; and made a quirky "pinky talon" (more on that later).

The photo below is a shot of some beaten leaf forms and leaf spoons before second annealing and opening - I just thought together they looked a bit flowerlike.

©2012 Barry Smith - Leaf forms in the rough
I made a number of leaf spoons out of an old serving tray that had ornate pattern on it. Though I have severely beaten the metal the pattern has held up as you can see from the photo below. The spoon part of these leaf spoons is about 25mm long and the leaf about 80mm.

©2012 Barry Smith - Leafspoons
A fellow friend and artist  Helen  wanted a silver leaf as a gift for a 'baby gift' - so I made two from a small quality silver-plated EPNS cake-biscuit tray. Both leaves are about 130-140mm long and about 24mm wide.

©2012 Barry Smith - Silver-plated leaf forms 
The copper-silverplated ladle bowl got a recycled handle from a badly moulded brass salad serving set bought from a junk shop. I chopped the handle off and trimmed and polished it. It has come up well and has been riveted to the bowl with small hand formed copper rivets.

©2012 Barry Smith - Copper ladle with brass and wooden handle
©2012 Barry Smith - Copper ladle with brass and wooden handle
And just for something different. Susan B dropped in to talk with Fiona about their next book. I had finished forming, but not polishing, leaves and leaf spoons. I dropped into the shed studio to say hi and show the bits in the rough. Susan said wouldn't it be neat to have a leaf that you could wear to parties on your pinky finger - as a sort of talking point. Can't let a challenge like that go by - so the "pinky leaf talon" was created - copper prototype. Fiona has hand modelled it. The cylinder that goes over the finger is about 40-50mm long and adjustable; the leaf form is about 60mm long.

©2012 Barry Smith - Finger leaf form
©2012 Barry Smith - Pinky Leaf Talon - modelled by Fiona
©2012 Barry Smith - Pinky Leaf Talon - modelled by Fiona
So you can see the weekend had lots of twists in it - twisted leaves, spoons and pinky leaf talon that is. Fiona and I managed to get quite a bit of work done on the block in preparation for the wedding on 1 September; and Open Studios. We finally moved my big timber stack to the back of the shed studio - so studio 601 mvr is looking good from the outside.


  1. Love that first photo Barry - almost look like horns. The Pinky Talon has potential I think .... Will be interested to see if you make one properly. They could be fun.

  2. the ring is really something! it's always interesting to get input from others - how nice that exchange happened...
    leaves, ladles and spoons are consistently beautiful and interesting - and never repetitive due to the skill of their maker... no small feat!

  3. Spoon leaves are just so cool. Such a conversation piece. That ring - AWESOME - i could see it also as a small candle holder, even 5-6 in a cluster. All are just so beautiful.

  4. Love how you always take up a challenge - the ring is so very interesing. I think the ladle turned out fabulous and I love those spoon leaves! Glad to hear the doc appt. went well.

  5. hahaha!! i love that pinky finger leaf!! and that ladle ... omg, it's .. beautiful. never thought i would use that word on a kitchen utensil .. but it's beautiful!!

    thought of you today B. have been really lazy about blogging but wanted to come see how you're doing :)

  6. SB, MJ, SZQ, S/R & L - thanks for comments and support regarding Drs.One more hurdle to go there - Wednesday. SB - as you indicate - this has potential with the right metal and a bit more time spent on the forming. MJ - The availability of metal and parts is a big predictor of the individuality of my pieces - one of the positives of recycling. SZQ , S/R & L - the ladle came together - I think the combination of copier, silver, brass and wood has come together in a warm rich way. All - may we continue to collect well and be inspired and challenged by fellow artists - they are often a gift to us. B

  7. so many artful and unique creations, a joy to see mister B ~


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