Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last of the ladles

My aim was to make 6 ladles for Food Festival. Today I achieved my goal by completing the last two ladles. The photos below are details of the handles; and the two ladles.

©2012 Barry Smith - Detail of Sacred Water ladle handle
©2012 Barry Smith - Detail of Plaited ladle handle
©2012 Barry Smith - Sacred Water and Plaited ladles
One ladle is a medium sized ladle with a silver-plated EPNS bowl about 70mm in diameter with a plaited copper wire handle about 200mm long and 10mm wide. The handle has six strands of copper wire in all; and it has been hardened by beating the plait flat. I added a brass tube on the end of the plait and beat that flat as well. The handle has been riveted to the bowl through both the brass and the copper plait - 4 copper rivets in all. I managed to damage the plaited handle by beating it a little too hard near the tube - fractured one of the strands.

©2012 Barry Smith - Back of plaited ladle
And I made another small ladle with a copper wire handle - I did this one with ladling sacred water in a temple in mind.
©2012 Barry Smith - Sacred Water ladle
So if you include my original prototype (a very shallow rustic ladle? - that now has a wooden hand grip), there are seven ladles in all.

©2012 Barry Smith - Seven ladles all in a row
I really do need to move off ladles and finish a stock of 'leaf spoons' and salt-pepper spoons and then I'm done for the Food Festival. Of course there is the tricky issue of pricing!!!!!

My next post will be my 500th - it will be a celebratory giveaway post.


  1. Beautiful, I like that game of spoons, good job.

  2. I like the different shapes and handles, love the idea of a temple ladle, brings back sudden memories of Japan and a special temple.

  3. HA... I read the title of your post as "Last of the ladies"...! So then kept reading it that way... "My aim was to make 6 ladies.." anyway, it was a good laugh, had to share.

    Gorgeous ladles! Love the braided handled one, sort of Celtic knot-like. Happy pricing, my least favorite activity of art.

  4. Such beauties all in a row. That braided handle must of taken some time! I love them all. Pricing.... That is always the hard part and what I hate doing! 500!! Wow what a an accomplishment. The one thing about blogging is we finally have a good way to keep track of what we've been doing. Congrats and best of luck to you and Fiona at the upcoming event.

  5. love the ladles and the collection totally rocks!

  6. L, P, VA, M, SZQ & L - thanks for your comments on my ladle production. P - pleased that the temple ladle brought back fond memories - same here. VA - I did laugh "make six ladies" indeed. You were correct about the plaited handle - bit of a Celtic influence. SZQ & VA - glad I'm not the only one who has difficulty with pricing. Tough to get the balance right between reward for creativity and effort and at a price that will sell. SZQ - thanks for comment re 500 - it did seem to come up rather quickly. L- a collection that rocks - I like that. All- go well and enjoy the day. B

  7. The ladles look fantastic ~ every single one.
    You've made so many beautiful things while I was away. I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful creations now that I'm back.

    Hope you are doing well and having fun creating.

    Gaby xo

  8. GAWD!!! I LOVE YOUR LADLES!! i can't cook ... i'm hopeless at it, but i love your ladles! they could be relics!


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