Sunday, August 12, 2012

Resurrecting rings and other matters

There was not a lot of time for creative studio art over the weekend as Fiona and I put our effort into doing maintenance painting jobs on our front entry retaining walls in preparation for the wedding on 1 September. However the timing was right for painting as August is usually our painting maintenance months for decks, wall etc because it tends to be fine and dry - which it has been for the last few weeks.

But I did get the chance to finish the three rings I started weeks ago - they needed tedious polishing to take them from heavy, out of shape and chunky to something a bit more streamlined. I think the photo below shows they are now of saleable quality; though I think the one with the light green anodised aluminium insert (see last ring finger photo) will be part of a giveaway in the not too distant future.

©2012 Barry Smith - Recycled brass tubing rings
Fiona did a bit of finger modelling so the individual rings can be seen a little more closely. As Fiona says they now look and feel good but still have the marks of the hammering etc on them that lets you know they are hand made from recycled materials.

©2012 Barry Smith  - Recycled brass ring with copper wire and stirling silver 'beads'
©2012 Barry Smith - Recycled brass ring with stirling silver wire
©2012 Barry Smith - Recycled brass rings
I also managed to finish, but not finally polish, a small ladle. The bowl of the ladle is about 30-35mm long and 25mm wide.

©2012 Barry Smith - Small ladle with soldering iron handle
©2012 Barry Smith - Riveted handle and bowl of small ladle
The bowl is made by annealing beating the base of a small silver-plated EPNS goblet; and the handle is made by recycling a very small copper soldering iron that has an iron stem. The lengthy of the handle is about 200-250mm. I'm not sure what such a small ladle would be used for but it is cute.

So you can see I'm keeping the production for the Opens Studios and Shop (rings) and the Food Festival (ladle) moving along. But still having fun along the way.


  1. Move over Frodo - we have a new Lord of the Rings. Beautiful Barry. Love the ladle too.

  2. Oh so beautiful! The ladle and the rings. I love the fact that the hammering is visible. You certainly don't let the grass grow under your feet Barry. Very inspiring!

  3. These rings have turned out beautifully B - and I love love love all of the ladles!

  4. These rings...I just adore them, must have one, so let me know wen you have them available.i

  5. Yes, beautiful designs. I like those beautiful rings.
    PS: We will discover the truth the day that humans deem unnecessary spilling more blood.

  6. the way you move through things really shows how much you understand your materials and how much skill you have...
    love the food serving implements of all kinds - the ladles are beautiful and i love the little salt and pepper spoons from the last post... and really think the items you made for a friend are interesting...
    the rings, i would wear one in a heartbeat... they are wonderful! such a great combination of opposites you achieve... recycled refinement!

  7. Ha... love Susan's comment! You've got quite a mission - time to find the Wizard and give him a ring for safe keeping. We could use a new "king" that really holds peace and unity as his priority!

  8. Love those rings....and I'm a sucker for the lovely shape of spoons and ladles....beautiful, all!! Thanks for sharing, Barry!

  9. Having fun is what it is all about, right?
    That last ladle is positively enchanting - sounds like just the right size for potions...

  10. your rings are gorgeous mister B. quite artful. And this ladle is wonderful and would make serving food a joy!

  11. SB, R, F, M, L, MJ, VA, P, AM, S/r & TL - a big thank-you for comments and feedback. I said to Fiona that I think the rings have been well received - I'm pleased that as MJ said it is possible to take quite ugly discarded metal and end up with "recycled refinement" - not perfect - still with some of the age and marks and yet beautiful. SB - I laughed at you comment. R- I agree - hammer marks tell the story that the rings and ladles have been wrought by hand. F- thanks given you have to be shown each new 'creation'. MJ - as time goes on I learn and the materials teach me what is possible and the better ways to work; and to try many forms from the functional to the slightly weird. VA - wouldn't it be great to find a lord of peace? P - glad both the rings and ladles resonate with you. AM - fantastic is a high score!! S/R - I agree - creativity needs to fun for oneself first. I thought of your comment regarding the small ladle being for potions - it reminded me that this shape of ladle is similar to that used for drawing and pouring water in or on entering some temples - so potions and sacred waters it could be. TL - functional individual art ladles could become popular?? All - go well in your endeavours and find joy in it. B


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