Friday, August 10, 2012

Light duties on Friday

Hopefully on Wednesday I had my last medical intervention. But it means that I have to be patient for another week - doing nothing too vigorous or heavy. But Friday could not be Friday without a little creative something.

I finished polishing the small pair of salt and pepper spoons below. They have very straight and simple lines - influenced by Georg Jensen design. The spoon 'bowls' are quite beautiful - beaten with a very pointed polished hammer on the inside and finished on the reverse with a polished flat hammer. The spoons are made from fine silver-plated EPNS.They are about 60mm long and 10mm wide - quite tiny.

©2012 Barry Smith - Simple strip salt-pepper spoons
©2012 Barry Smith - Simple strip salt-pepper spoons

And what are the objects below? They look like badly beaten ladles? In fact they are very small bowl forms on 'handles'.  A fellow artist wanted a small dome form to melt cup-dome shapes into wax. He needed metal that could be heated and worked into the wax to make cupped shapes into the wax. He was not able to buy what he wanted so I offered to have a go at making a few forms for him to try. They needed to be polished so as to leave no score marks in the wax. All were made from offcuts of recycled metal.

©2012 Barry Smith - Dome forms
When Fiona saw the form below she looked quizzical - she thought I'd made some weird shaped teaspoon and forgot to shape the handle correctly. She was relaxed when she realised what I had been up to. The form as seen in the photo is slightly larger than actual size which is 110mm long and the bowl form is 30mm long by 25mm wide.

©2012 Barry Smith - Free form dome form
Anyway - light duties on Friday gave me a little art hit.


  1. Love how the spoons reflect everything going on around them - gives them all kinds of possibilities depending on where they sit. Wishing you done with medical stuff, be well!!

  2. I was drawn to the free form dome pieces immediately. No wonder you are pleased!

  3. All these objects are so beautiful! I love the way they reflect the light, so warm and elegant. And your 'weird-shaped teaspoon' is like a half moon attached to a silver milky way.

  4. as Dr Suess said.. oh the places you'll go.. [with beaten metal].
    cool stuff Barry!

  5. Hello, Barry.

      Awe inspiring your works...

      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      I am honored to your visit.

      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  6. Hoping you will be released from medical attention after that last appointment.
    Loving these spoons and dome forms - especially that quizzical looking one - absolutely fascinating!

  7. All those forms are very unique. I love how you can come up with so many different versions of one item. Sounds like your back to the regular schedule and happy for you that the Dr's visit are behind you!

  8. i think the last "spoon-bowl-ladle" looks absolutely fascinating!! i would probably just bend the handle out a little and use it as a ladle of some sort. i'm serious ... it looks so amazing just as it is!

    hope you get your clean bill of health B :) ... sending positive thoughts!

  9. VA, R, EM, L, R, S/R, SZQ & L - thanks for checking out light duties. Medical stuff is going well. Had a stent inserted in an artery and have worked gently and no side impacts so that is good. VA & EM - one of the positive-negatives of highly polished metal is dealing with the reflections - but I have grown to accept them as part of my connection with the pieces. R- they were truly free form - and I loved the weird one even better before O thinned the handle as it was just a lovely strip the same width as the bowl. L- thanks for the reference - never know unless you give it a go? R - glad you find the work inspiring and peace to you. S/R - I think I will have another go at the free form dome work - maybe a installation of the would look good? L - on your recommendation I will try the mini ladle. Go well and enjoy. B

  10. So good to hear you are doing well, healthwise, Barry. These spoons and ladles are just beautiful! I'll have to visit your shop.


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