Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPhoneography on Wednesday

I've noticed a pattern appearing in my blog posts of late - Wednesday seems to be the day I use to share a few iPhoneography photos - both naked ands altered. I'm aware that some folk do Wordless Wednesday where they post one or more photos without words - but I don't think that is quite my way - still iPhoeography on Wednesday might be my variation on this approach.

Today Fiona and I are making what I hope is my last pilgrimage to the Drs in Brisbane for quite sometime. When we there last Friday we stayed on the 11 floor of accommodation that was adjacent to a large public park with many walking tracks and sculptures scattered throughout.

The photos below are looking to the glasshouse mountains from the south - often I post on photos of our valley looking south. Interesting that we could see the mountains from some 80k away. The photos are afternoon and sunset shots - naked iPhone and then altered to highlight the mountains and fadeout the city.
©2012 Barry Smith - Looking to the mountains from the city - mid afternoon
©2012 Barry Smith Looking to the mountains from the city - mid afternoon - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Looking to the mountains from the city - sunset
©2012 Barry Smith Looking to the mountains from the city - sunset - altered
We did a relaxing walk through much of the park - so a couple of naked iPhone and altered shots.

©2012 Barry Smith - Window on winter trees 
©2012 Barry Smith - Fragment of large rusted coiled sculpture
© 2012 Barry Smith - Winter nightscape
©2012 Barry Smith - Winter ice
We can but celebrate the fact that at times some of our politicians have a little foresight to create places of beauty in our urban landscapes.

©2012 Fiona Dempster - Nature's lanscape
©2012 Barry Smith - Starry, starry winter night
And then we were home moving time and Fiona discovered this landscape above created by fungi spoor on one of our timber logs. The altered photo reminds me of a cold frosty winter's night with comets and stars filling the night sky.


  1. your wednesday adaptation is perfectly suited to you - and we all love the images naked and altered so keep them coming!
    must have been kind of nice to be able to see home from so far away...
    love the public sculpture - the coil is terrific..

  2. it's amazing how the same naked vs altered photos project such different images. the last piece was really powerful, but i love the winter nightscape image as well.

  3. Wonderful photos, Barry. Love both originals and altered. And yes, thank goodness there are some wonderful pieces of urban sculpture around.


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