Sunday, August 19, 2012

Progressing the Peace Book

Early in July I started an artists' peace book to be exhibited at the Maleny Library as part of COMA's contribution to the Flags for Peace Project 2012 instigated by Mary Jane. Today Fiona was in Brisbane teaching one of her scripts, so after doing a bit of 'work-work' I got to do a little more on the artists' peace book.

The 'book' is in a way a cross between a horizontal prayer wheel and a four page book on a spindle (photo of pagers end on below).

©2012 Barry Smith - Peace book metal 'pages'
Anyway as you can see from the following photos I have: stamped the words on the slim metal pages; cut the grooves into a new wooden spindle; glued the pages in place (but not sanded away the excess); riveted hinges on the curved cover; and riveted the clasp on the front.

©2012 Barry Smith - Peace book pages with stamped words
©212 Barry Smith - Brass clasp riveted in place
©212 Barry Smith - One of two brass hinges riveted in place
©2012 Barry Smith - Brass spindle decoration and pump nut in place
The photo below of the piece roughly assembled gives and idea what it is going to look like.

©2012 Barry Smith - Peace book is a step closer to completion
Of course there is still trimming. sanding, polishing and glueing to be done yet - but it is edging closer.

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  1. No doubt they are very interesting, a wonderful way to convey a message of peace.

  2. Sometimes silence is the best way to appreciate a great work but then you wouldn't know I am silently admiring it. I am.

  3. Barry, your peace wheel is stunning. My hands keep reaching toward the screen so that they may turn it and give thanks and peace while doing so. Simply exquisite.

  4. What a wonderful pieceI. Exquisite detailing.

  5. Wow! That's is stunning. So very very original. Love it.

  6. ersi's comment is precisely where i am at that moment... i am in awe, in reverence... how you do what you do is mind blowing - your conceptions and executions are equally matched... your abilities in all ways are exemplary...

  7. You have been busy!!! The ladles are wonderful, each and every one! But this prayer book totally takes my breath away - it is magnificent, Barry! Very inspiring!!!

  8. L, EM, J, R, AA, SZQ, MJ, S/R - there are those fortunate times when inspiration, content and materials seem to materialises and want to merge. That is how this piece happened. As soon as Ken suggested we do Peace books i visualised this piece. In part it was inspired by the visits to the Rubin Museum, the Chester Beaty Library in Dublin sand Boris & Richard's house. The stack book form and the mechanical turning of pages speaks to me of quiet and contemplation - peacefulness. L- yes a strong way to make a quiet peace statement. EM, J & MJ - it invites silence and touch - but I'm glad you let me know that is how you felt. AA - good to get praise from a fellow metal worker. SZQ - original use of materials but a very ancient concept. MJ - you know where the inspiration comes from for pieces such as this. S/R - sometimes we are fortunate to make things of beauty and importance visual - thanks. All - go well - peace to all. B

  9. What a wonderful creative idea for a a scroll inside a scroll.
    simply beautiful.

  10. first thought:
    your creativity gets my attention big time... in all you create as well as this treasure of a piece!

  11. What an incredible project, Barry. I've never saw anything like this! Your prayer wheel is going to be wonderful. Love the stamped words on the metal pages. Simply brilliant!
    I can't wait to see the finished 'book'!!


  12. TL & GB - thanks for your comments and generous praise. Sometimes these challenges encourage our creativity to step up a notch because they are linked to such important issues. I too am looking forward to the finished product - maybe I'll get the time in the coming week. Go well in all you do. B

  13. OOO!! i still think it exudes mystery ... i still think of the cryptex when i see this :) what a fabulous idea B ... i so love it!!


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