Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Emerging from stone

After two days of tapping, scraping, sanding etc the local artists produced monoliths that will become the installation Peace in the Trees as part of the art4place's Creative Spaces 2012 placemaking art event.

©2012 Barry Smith - Hammer and stone
Noela M visited the sculpture workshop site yesterday, took some photos and did an art4place post (check it out here) so I won't repeat that.

We are all tired from our efforts but satisfied with the images we encouraged from the stone. So I thought I might just share a few of the fragments as they emerged; and when I'm less weary post on the finished pieces - and of course the pieces once they are installed with the trees.

©2012 Barry Smith - Ken creates stillnes
©2012 Barry Smith - Kim create textured flow
©2012 Barry Smith - Cathy brings forth a Platypus
©2012 Barry Smith - Judy's font and spirals take shape
©2012 Barry Smith - Carolyn's frond takes shape
©2012 Barry Smith - Vivienne's mother-goddees figure  emerges
©2012 Barry Smith - Roman's font grows
©2012 Barry Smith - A intricate vine by Sally
©2012 Barry Smith - Edith-Ann's delicate nest
©2012 Barry Smith - Katie's font and water fall get a test run
©2012 Barry Smith - The sun highlights Barry's peace
©2012 Barry Smith - James creates a centred piece
©2012 Barry Smith - Michael carves out peace
It was amazing what novice sculptors could draw out of the stone. 


  1. They look most impressive but I can imagine how tiring it was.

  2. Hi P - thanks for comment. A little bit of extra tiredness comes from the fact that I'm also coordinating this project - still a way to go yet but it will be a unique installation. Go well. B

  3. Will HAVE to go see this one. Massive amount of work for you all, but shaping up beautifully.

  4. What a great / heavy duty project!
    I sense the immensity of the task, but also the fun you all must be having...
    All the best!

  5. Thank you for those pics . . very interesting . . the different ideas that are expressed throught the stone.

  6. Full of lust. Hope I don't get to the Pearly Gates and hear God say, really Susan, didn't you get it .... you were meant to sculpt not paint! Ha.

  7. wow! i have been thinking about this project and how wonderful it would be to carve in stone... each so unique, it will be a beautiful installment... whenever i see or think about stone carving on a large scale, i think of michelangelo's slaves and how he said he released them from inside of the block...
    well done by all -

  8. Wow - that's an undertaking. Geez Barry, maybe you should be involved in just a few more projects!! :) Beautiful images coming out of those stones.

  9. JM, AM, JG, S, MJ & SZQ - thanks for your comments. You might like to check out the art4place blog for some great shots by Noela - JM - I think it would be worth a visit on 23 September or 6 Oct. AM - heavy duty is right - now we need to move them into place. JG - quite amazing what individuals chose to do as part of the same brief - of course the stone speaks as well. SB - you would love it - but pretty tough on the body. MJ - it is a great project and as I said to JG above interesting what people bring to the stone and also see in it. SZQ - I think I might need to slow down??? All - will keep you posted. Go well. B

  10. WOW!!! i am blown away!! carving in stone is another universe altogether, the ones that the great sculptors of old live in. what a wonderful experience it must have been and i bet the energy was great too! Amazing! i can feel my hair stand on ends just by looking at those images.


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