Friday, November 16, 2012

A love of leaves - including leaf Spiral Post

Over the last few weeks we have had some dry and strong winds that have resulted in quite a lot of leaf litter. On our morning walks Fiona and I pick up objects that catch the eye. With Fiona it is usually feathers; and for me it is an elegant leaves or a leaf with interesting markings.

I photographed a few of 'the collected' on a white ceramic platter.

©2012 Barry Smith - Perforated 
©2012 Barry Smith - Elegant slim eucalyptus leaf
©2012 Barry Smith - Autumn tones in Spring
©2012 Barry Smith - Carved by a catepillar 1
©2012 Barry Smith - Carved by a caterpillar 2
©2012 Barry Smith - Beautiful edge
©2012 - A litter of leaves on ceramic platter
And yesterday I got to finish the Spiral Post whilst Fiona and Muna went to pick up our art pieces from the Secrets exhibition; and they also went for a wander in the town.

©2012 Barry Smith - Spiral Post with rusted plate iron base - view 1
©2012 Barry Smith - Spiral Post with rusted plate iron base - view 2
All I need to do now is write a few words for Ken on the piece; and arrange for it to be transported to the COMA exhibition which starts when Fiona and I are in New Zealand.


  1. Wonderful photos, I love the delicacy you've accomplished in capturing those leaves. Also lovely post with spiral leaves.

  2. Love the first leaf!! The post is great, words for a piece are sometimes an interesting challenge, at least for me.

  3. I wonder what it is about picking up a fallen leaf, B? I picked a leaf up in the car park yesterday and brought it home with me :-) the colour was awesome, I think it was from a Mango tree.

  4. Beautiful leaf photos, Barry. I love the autumn colors and I have been thinking to use some weather worn leaves in my creations.

  5. Hi L. VA, K & GB - thanks for enjoying the leaves with me. L - the decaying leaves are delicate and bring their own delicate nature to the photos. VA - I agree names and words for pieces can be hard - often they are so inadequate to express the meaning and nature of the piece. K - leaf offerings are so rich and yet are free. GB - be interested to see how you use them in your work. All - go well. B

  6. these leaves are reminders of how exquisite each one is...good to be mindful of this, if it's possible to, that is.

  7. how marvellous is nature's artwork ... even in their decayed and aging form. B, your sculpture looks magnificent gleaming in the sunlight!


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