Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some of the colour of Spring

Our daily walks have exposed Fiona, I and our visitor Muna to an abundance of colour; and the warm weather has rewarded us with a daily harvest of Poppies to bring colour into the house.

Thought I would share a few images.

©2012 Barry Smith - Poppies with their squiggly stems
©2012 Barry Smith - A single Jacaranda blossom caught on foliage.
©2012 Barry Smith - The red of the Coral tree blossom contrasts against the blue sky
©2012 Barry Smith - Crazy Strelitzia  puts on a show
The orange and yellow Poppies have almost been like bring sunshine indoors. All photos were taken with the iPhone; so  a single delicate Poppy petal offered the opportunity for a little alteration.

©2012 Barry Smith - Poppy petal
©2012 Barry Smith - Poppy petal - altered
Nature often offers such beauty.


  1. ooh ahhh, so pretty and colorful, alive and inspiring, thank you~

  2. Poppies always remind me of our previous home in Sydney. We often had HUGE bunches of poppies in the house. They really are unique and gorgeous.

  3. TL & JM - it is always good to share a bit of colour. YL - yes colour brings us alive. JM - amazing that you could harvest bunches of Poppies - that would haste been startling. Go well. B

  4. the poppies are just so beautiful - i don't have those, wonder if i could grow them, hmmm...
    nature really does get it just so perfect - the subtle colors of winter, followed by vibrant colors of spring flowers, greens of summer, and then the beauty of fall...
    so much to appreciate every day -

  5. refreshing images of spring...especially appreciated when the long dark days of pre winter are upon us...

    many thanks for the ladle and lovely gift Barry... its always such a pleasure to receive and share your treasures...though this one was for me!

  6. The poppies against the beautiful wood ..... just glorious!


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