Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hands of the maker

Yesterday Muna and I spent quite a few hours creating a stash of leaf forms; and turning them into pendants as gifts for friends and family.

It was a magic day to take someone through the whole process of making - from annealing metal through to adding findings etc to the work to create the finished product.

©2012 Barry Smith - Recycled metal cut and annealed
©2012 Barry Smith - Folding the metal
©2012 Barry Smith - Cutting the folded forms
©2012 Barry Smith - Beating the cut forms
©2012 Barry Smith - Opening leaf forms after second annealing
©2012 Barry Smith - Drilling holes for the jump ring
©2012 Barry Smith - Cleaning and polishing with wire wheel
©2012 Barry Smith - Polishing with cloth wheel
©2012 Barry Smithy - The finished seven leaf forms
©2012 Barry Smith - Adding jump rings
©2012 Barry Smith - Creating sliding pendant cord
©2012 Barry Smith - The finished seven
©2012 Barry Smith - And oh yes a pair of earrings Muna made as well - small nickel silver leaves about 25-30mm long
©2012 Barry Smith - Creative stash in the hands of the maker
Muna was amazingly focussed and dedicated to the task - and very independent - I was allowed to demonstrate but Muna did every step of the work herself as the photos of the hands of the maker testify. The leaf forms were made from recycled copper and brass and are about 7-9 cm long.


  1. Fascinating to see the process step by step - and such wonderful results too.

  2. Delightful to watch as your trademark leaves beautifully unfold. That's an impressive anvil, btw.

  3. You are so generous, sharing your 'secrets'. Looks quite dangerous too. I will always be a leaf fan.

  4. this is just wonderful - i wish em could come and stay with you as a student! muna will carry these experiences with her all her days - how lucky she was to get you both...

  5. lovely to see her work; must be that the teacher is someone special!

  6. From what I see, Muna is a very good student by the side of a super good teacher!
    Bravissimi both of you!

  7. I am so impressed with her finished work! I loved seeing the process from start to finish. I am a beginning metalsmith and sometimes it is hard for me to figure out which step to do first. I wish that I lived closer so I could take a class with you. (I'm from the US) I love the organic look of the leaves! Great JOB MUNA!

  8. CLB, AA, JM, MJ, V, AM & A - thanks for praise of M's work; and enjoying the process. CLB,& A - interestingly enough I always think the process is so simple but when demonstrating one realises there are quite a few steps.AA - that anvil gets a lot of work. Every now and then I think I should grind it back but I also like the marks it adds to the work. JM - it is not hard to share secrets with folk who just love the creative activity. MJ - Em would be welcome on the mountain and in the garage/studio. V & AM- you are right -n it is probably the partnership between teacher and student that can result in good outcomes. All go well and create well. B

  9. how wonderful!! love the step by step photos and Muna definitely did a great job!! look at that stash!!

    lol!! i was looking at the cleaning and polishing wheel. only the other day i was saying to Jason ... I think i have the most primitive tools LOL!! i still sand with a metal file and then sandpaper!! hahaha!! the picture of the wheel reminded me of it again :)


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