Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A seagull and a beach

On our way into Dunedin via the coastal route we checked out Aramona Point. The scenery was a picture and relaxing; but this seagull took my eye – such red feet that contrasted with the rocks.

©2012 Barry Smith - About to take flight
©2012 Barry Smith - About to take flight - altered
A ‘friend’ of ours (Liz) suggested that we might like to do the Tunnel Beach walk outside od Dunedin – it will only take you about a half hour. Well it was a lung busting hour walk that tested our fitness. But there are some things that are just worth it.

One of the early landowners had the tunnel carved through the rock to the small beach below so his family could enjoy it – without the tunnel it would not be possible to get to the beach because of the sheer sandstone cliffs.

©2012 Barry Smith - Light at the end of the tunnel
©2012 Barry Smith - A wave of sandstone on Tunnel Beach 
©2012 Barry Smith - Looking up to the light
©2012 - Looking down on the serenity of Tunnel Beack 
2012 Barry Smith - Rock cove next to Tunnel Beach
A couple of altered Tunnel Beach shots.

©2012 Barry Smith - Ghostly steps
©2012 Barry Smith - Fiona as the ghost of visitors past.
 And a couple of 'miscellaenous' leaf and feather shots from beach walks.

©2012 Barry Smith leaf and feather after the tide
©2012 Barry Smith - Battered feather amidst the flotsam
©2012 Barry Smith - Battered feather amidst the flotsam - altered
©2012 Barry Smith leaf and feather after the tide - altered

All photos taken with the trusty iPhone of course.


  1. Lol... a lung busting walk! Looking at the beauty of this place it certainly was worth it. I would be checking my watch for fear of being caught in the tunnel at high tide.

  2. What an incredible tunnel... and hand carved?! wow. and a beautiful beach at the end of the tunnel.. double wow.

  3. R-you are so right about getting up the stairway before high tide. B

  4. D-I just can't imagine the work that went into the tunnel. All carved with a hand pick. But the father obviously saw the beauty; and thought the hardship and expense was with it - and we agree. B

  5. Yes, the high tide issue occurred to me too, but what a lovely little spot to spend time in.

  6. it looks like a wonderful place to be and to explore. loved your photographs!

  7. Great photos, B! What a stunning tunnel and the view from the top is wonderful.

  8. LAM, TL & C - thanks for your comments. LAM - I would be a keen tide watcher. LAM & TL - it was so compact and startling. C - the tunnel offered some great lighting shots. B

  9. OMG ... that is a fascinating tunnel!! wow! ... that little secluded cove ... i could live there and survive on fish. LOL! what an amazing place to visit!

  10. LT - there would be much worse places in the world to become a hermit in. B


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