Friday, November 9, 2012

The magic of metal

I have been doing a little more work on the Spiral Post for the COMA exhibition. We have an Indonesian university student staying with us for 10 days as part of leadership and cultural exchange program so I will be picking my time to go to the garage-studio and beat metal.

However, I did get time to sand the post back; and cut metal for leaf forms. The reason I'm able to make this piece with such large copper leaf forms is because I was given a 100cm square copper trough that was previously a shower base. That is a lot of copper - I exchanged it for a set of wood and riveted plate earrings.

I have cut the edges off the trough (about 15cm high by 100cm long strips); and cut them down into 25cm by 12cm strips to beat into leaf forms. Check out the stacks of metal below - beautiful patina and wear and tear - before annealing.

©2012 Barry Smith  - A stack of recycled copper 1
©2012 Barry Smith  - A stack of recycled copper 2
And a few of the leaf forms I showed on the earlier post regarding the Spiral Post - thought it would be good to show the foldformed leaf forms in their full glory.

©2012c Barry Smith - Larger leaf forms (25cmX10cm)
©2012 Barry Smith - Beautiful copper patina
©2012 Barry Smith - Back of larger leaf form
I will complete this work next week - I will gain a little time here and there.


  1. Love the way these are looking. Magic.

  2. The stacks of recycled copper have me swooning.

  3. Barry, I love your leaves. As soon as I saw this post, I wondered if this was copper you were working with. A beautiful material, which, I have found out, is in the province of Venus.

  4. Material, sculpture works, photography: AMAZING!
    True beauty in everything you work with and everything you touch...

  5. Hello, Barry.

      Your exquisite work leads my impression.
      The passion for the art.  It is universal.

      Thank you visit to my garden.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  6. wow! Beautiful. I love the organic forms you are making here.

  7. Amazing patinas... such variation in each leaf, cool!

  8. wonderful to see the stages and colors and the shapes you create.

  9. P, J, GiD, AM, R, L:, VA & TL - I know a bunch of good recycling and patina folk when I see them. Great that we can all celebrate the beauty of the worn and torn. P - magic is right. J - so love the idea of you swooning over the metal stack. GiD - yes it is recycled copper - beautiful metal to work with. AM - your comments are always a good boost to the creative spirit. Ruma - always good to share nature and peace with you. L- organic leaves but structured post. VA - I agree I love the unique way the leaves patina. TL - thanks for your ongoing support. All - go well and create well. B

  10. Great colors, I like those leaves, even the metal in your work is truly magical. Greetings.

  11. Catching up with posts and enjoying your process especially while you teach Muna to create jewellery. Loving the patina on these leaves!

  12. SO beautiful!!! i could look at this everyday!!


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