Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spiral progress

Fiona, Muna and I all got to do a few hours of creativity this afternoon. Fiona and Muna (our Indonesian visitor) got to make a hand made book; and I got to all but finish my Spiral Post for the COMA exhibition.

The reclaimed copper metal on the previous post was annealed; folded; cut into leaf forms; beaten; annealed again and unfolded. The photos below show eight of the cut, folded and beaten leaf forms; the edges of the beaten leaf forms; and then a stack of beaten leaves that have been unfolded.

©2012 Barry Smith - Hammered leaf forms
©2012 Barry Smith - Rippled edges of beaten leaf forms
©2012 Barry Smith - Stack of 25X10cm leaf forms
And then they were installed in the timber post that I had sanded and cut grooves into.

©2012 Barry Smith - Spiral Post at sunset - bit more patina to happen
©2012 Barry Smith - Contrast between the leaf form and angled top of the post
I have painted the leaf forms with a patina solution. After that has reacted and dried I need to cut and attach a stable base. I have a sheet of rusted iron that is 60cm square by 1cm thick - I intend to cut it down into four 30cm squares that I can use as bases for posts etc.


  1. unas composiciones excelentes!!!
    adoro estas hojas!!!

  2. A wonderful idea. The leaf forms are beautiful.
    ...and thanks. Now my gatepost is glaring at me all naked and jealous.

  3. The wip photos you share are works of art in themselves. Love the one of the rippled edges of your foldformed pieces. The project looks great! What a visual treat. Thank you.

  4. really love that second image... all the layers...beautiful all its own.

  5. Looking just wonderful, Barry! The leaves are magnificent.

  6. E, PnM, AA & L - thanks for your comments - always good to know that a new piece has friends. E - thanks for your comments regarding the design and layers of metal. PnM - I had to smile when I thought about your naked gate posts - I'm sure you can change that now. AA & L - the rippled edges are quite artistic in their own right that is why I just had to photograph and share. All - go well. B


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