Sunday, November 25, 2012

Steampunk and rust

Fiona and I visited Oamaru - known to some as the home of Steampunk - or at least those 'in the know' see it as being the home of Steampunk HQ.

We loved the town for its many many artists and galleries - making great use of many derelict white sandstone buildings - our kind of town. And what made it even more our sort of town was the many pieces of rusting machinery etc that were 'preserved' around the Steampunk HQ and foreshore.

Thought I might share a few photos of the Steampunk HQ; and rust associated with it.

Steampunk HQ - great use of a derelict building
Steampunk loco
Rescued rust - rusted team train rescued from the harbour?
Rusted shipping marker
On its way to becoming a post apocalyptic steampunk machine?
Another steampunk creation
Part of the Steampunk HQ rust collection
Rusted links
Layers of rust
Rusted stone cutting blades
Fragment of rusted tractor wheels
What I loved about SPHQ and the folk who ran it was that whilst they had a leaning towards the steampunk genre they also had a love of recycling, rust, making stuff - and a good sense of fun in their creations. I felt there was a fun post apolcalyptic leaning to there work.

And given all the photos were taken with the iPhone some of the rust provided a good opportunity for alterations.

Layers of rust - altered
The Steampunk Ghost Train???
The beauty of altered rust
And of course I have many more rust photos to share at a later date and maybe on the Rustlust Tumblr site.


  1. Your heart must have leaped when you saw the Steampunk HQ building with the locomotive outside. Wow! The photo with the rusted shipping marker is also a favourite. Enjoy your two weeks and keep on snapping. We are quite happy to tag along.

  2. I was just over at Fiona's blog... have a wonderful wander. What a fun place, and just up your rusted alley!

  3. how in the world are you going to leave this place?!
    thank you for providing a tour - i love every moment -

  4. Am in love with this last image Barry - altered rust. Who would have thought rust could look so good!
    SPQH - what a great find. Enjoy the rest of the journey.

  5. Beautiful images Barry. Not as many rust bucket (and not rusty, ancient) cars over there now - what a pity, all new Japanese imports.

  6. oh, barry, so amazing, and the altered photos are just grand!

  7. All - so glad you enjoyed the rust and steam punk. Of course I could have uploaded many more. We are enjoying the journey. Heading to the west coast now. Go well. B

  8. Baz ...
    WOWEEEE ....
    you must have been in heaven ... how wonderful for them to have such a "derelict" building at their disposal !!!!
    Travel safe ...
    cheers - Ken

  9. OMGOODNESS!! Rust-porn, giant steampunk artifacts, sandstone buildings, mad max ... i must remember this place. if ever i have a chance to visit!!

  10. K&L - just great stuff isn't it - and yes a bit Mad Max. Hope that one day you can experience it for yourselves. Go well. B

  11. Rust and steam punk! Oh, how marvellous! What a trip you're having!


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