Friday, November 2, 2012

Peaceful production

Recently I have had a number of requests for Daily Words sets (bowl and inspirational words). Such requests always give me positive energy. The creation of of the small  (9-10cm) bowls and 7-8 words for each set can be seen as craft and tedious; but I love the idea that Daily Words sets are either being given as gifts or becoming part of the lives of folk. 

©2012 Barry Smith - Inspirational words
In describing Daily Words I usually say: Our days seem to start with a rush and we can go through them without being mindful of the gifts of love, peace and hope that each day can offer. The daily words provide the opportunity to start the day by choosing a word at random from the small bowl. That word could influence how we think about the day. The stamped words often include: dream, peace, joy, smile, gift, shine, hope and love. 

Yesterday and today I have been working on a number of bowls and sets of words including a request for a set of words in Italian. 

©2012 Barry Smith - Language no barrier to inspiration
As you can see from the photo below each bowl is similar to others and yet unique. The bowls are quite shallow. I have experimented with deeper bowls but as the words just clump together - the shallow bowls enable them to spread out and breathe. 

©2012 Barry Smith - Five unique Daily Words bowls
©2012 Barry Smith -  Daily Words bowls  with textured edge
©2012 Barry Smith -  Daily Words bowls  with textured centre
©2012 Barry Smith -  Daily Words bowls  with textured spiral
And a stash of words always looks good. Daily Words bowls and words are made from recycled silver plated EPNS which is usually recovered from small discarded cake or biscuit trays found in recycling or Op shops. Most of the bowls and words have a worn and used look. 

©2012 Barry Smith - Stash of inspirational words - stamped on EPNS fragments
I got around to polishing the slender leaves - they are now ready for assembling as earrings.

©2012 Barry Smith - Polished fine and slender leaf forms
This Friday was a production sort of day; but peaceful and satisfying.


  1. So inspiring B!! what a lot of beautiful work!!
    i love the Italian words .. never thought of that and when i saw what you did ... WOW!!
    love your shiny silver bowls esp the spiral one ... B you're an inspiration!!

  2. What a lovely way to begin a day. Beautiful and inspiring work, as always.

  3. I need not one more "addiction", but I'm afraid these bowls with words are becoming my next!

  4. Lovely work Barry. The beaten pattern in the bowls looks great.

  5. A beautiful gift. No wonder they are popular. I imagine the feel of the words in one's hand must be very soothing.

  6. I love the bowls and words.. what a lovely idea.. and your words about meeting each day and living each day with such hope.. wonderful.

  7. L, AA, SZQ, JM R & D - thanks for you comments - I love that something so simple does appeal - maybe a sign that we all just need tiny reminders to slow down and be mindful. L - the spiral is a powerful symbol - is it spiraling inwards or outwards? AA - a bit of good energy can't go astray at the beginning of the the day that is for sure. SZQ - but it would be a good addition??? JM - the hammer marks are both a lovely texture and a reminder of the handmade nature of the bowl. R- the words do feel goo in the hand and the metal warms to the body temperature quickly - so they almost become one with you. D - as I indicated to AA hope and positivity are good launchpads for the day. I find if I don't try to start with a possible focus the day takes over. Go well. B

  8. Barry, the bowls and words are just beautiful. My friends who have received them as gifts love them of course. The little leaves, now polished, are quite magical. I'm presently having a frantic search for one of my leaf earrings which seems to have escaped. Sigh... However, my leaf cascade is hanging in my bedroom and makes me happy each time I see it. Thank you for so much inspiration Barry.

  9. that's a good question B! is it spiraling inwards or outwards. well ... generally spirals always go inwards for me. erm ... is there a meaning to that?


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