Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A start on a new spiral post

"King Ken" the Co-ordinator of COMA has all of us on the creative move again - we are doing a Christmas exhibition in the Tree Frog Gallery. Though the title of the exhibition is called "The Best Of" I have decided to experiment with a new sculptural post (aka wood monolith?).

I want to combine the simple beauty of wood and copper - so what better thing to do than make a post with patinated leaf forms spiralling up the post from the bottom.  I started the piece yesterday. I have roughly cut the post; and have experimented with a few leaf forms to which I have added patina solution.

The photos below show the progress so far.

©2012 Barry Smith - The start of a Spiral Post 1
©2012 Barry Smith - The start of a Spiral Post 2
©2012 Barry Smith - Patina, copper and wood - hmmm!!!
©2012 Barry Smith - Patina, copper and wood - hmmm!!!
©2012 Barry Smith - Spiral Post - top down view
©2012 Barry Smith - Spiral Post - View of the whole post
Quite are few more leaf forms to make - these are about 10cm wide by 25cm long; and then sanding and assembling.  The post is 112cm high and 15cm square.


  1. B ... the patina looks super gorgeous!! make the leaves look so ancient, like some Roman relic. i think this is gonna be another beautiful piece!

  2. This is already gorgeous and will be a great deal more so once you have finished. Love everything about it - thewood and copper mix, the patina, the leaf form spiralling down the post. A delicious sense of design.

  3. Wonderful images and concept! Looking forward to seeing your progress Barry.

  4. I love this just as it is.
    The one leaf curling around the wood.
    I think a series of these posts with simply one leaf but making different forms would be wonderful.
    I do love the way you work with what's around you.


  5. How beautiful, B, this is a stunner! The patina is amazing. I really like the view from the top, it just fits together so well.

  6. L, SB, LAM, PaKL & C - thanks for your feedback on this new piece. L - I agree the patina on copper always makes them look ancient. SB - thanks for positive feedback on the design. LAM - progress will be a bit slow on this one - will be finding bits and pieces of time. PaK - I like the idea of a series of posts with a single leaf. C - when finished I think the top down view will be pretty stunning. All - go well. B


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