Friday, May 10, 2013

Bark spiral earrings & raised bowls

©2013 Barry Smith - Fire colouration in the bottom of a copper annealed bowl
As is the case with most artists - I tend to be progressing many things in a similar timeframe.

At the moment I'm working on stuff that will go into: a display on recycling and art in the local library; a couple of open studio days Fiona and I will have in July; our joint exhibition in August-September; and of course the on-line shop. So it is often a case of doing what is a priority; or what I rather just feel like doing for the sake of creating.

The bark spiral earrings fall into the later category - I have been wanting to do a couple more pairs of these earrings since I made a prototype for Fiona some months ago. She wears them reasonably frequently - so I guess they have appeal.

Anyway I got to finish the two pair below.

©2013 Barry Smith - Bark spiral earrings - silver over copper
©2013 Barry Smith - Bark spiral earrings - silver over brass
The first set were made from silver-plate over brass; and the second silver-plate over copper.

And I got stuck into raising a few bowls as you can see from the cluster of worked bowls waiting in the annealing pit for the next round of fire.

©2013 - Cluster of half raised bowls
I finished off the 3 bowls made from the bases of goblets - but I raised them to different depth - gives a sense of profession of the bowl raising process. I love the hammered texture both in and outside; and I think they turned out well given they were made from bases I initially put aside.

©2013 Barry Smith - Small bowls from goblet bases - raised but unpolished
Fiona and I are off to the Up-Front Club to see who won the prizes in the Essence of Coffee exhibition-competiotion. Not holding out a lot of hope for my Steampunk influenced coffee mugs.


  1. I loved the seabed quality of the cluster of half raised bowl image... a sculpture in its own right, like a scaled up view of barnacles on a stone. Wonder if your coffee mug had fun out and about. Happy creating.

  2. The colour in that first photo is beautiful! I'd love to watch this annealing process some day. The earrings - well, you know how I feel about earrings! Gorgeous. Oh, I recently found my missing leaf earring - in the spiral binding of the notebook I had on that trip. Whew!

  3. Hi VA & C - always nice to have folk visit and look at works in progress. VA - the half finished works as a cluster are like a mini installation - I'm going to use a sequence in my display in the local library. C - keep on liking earrings - it helps folk like me - glad you found the leaf earring; and one day you can pause long enough to make your opwn leaf and bowl. Go well. B


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