Sunday, May 19, 2013

Water and rust

There is something very calming about still bowls of water; or a body of water that has a quiet trickle of water creating ripples. I can sit and stare into such water bodies such as this one we found in a temple in Japan on our last trip.

©Barry Smith - Calming cleaning water 
©Barry Smith - Calming ripples
In its own way it is reflected in our own quiet bowl of water made from an old fire pit on a heavy wooden stand.

©2013 Barry Smith - Still reflections
I'm always photographing the different moods of this water and the rust that grows under the surface.

©2013 Barry Smith - Bowl, water, reflections and blue gravel
©2013 Barry Smith - Still water, reflections and rust
©2013 Barry Smith - Still water and rust
I also love playing with the images to bring out deep jewel like colours.

©2013 Barry Smith - Bowl, water, reflections and blue gravel - altered
©2013 Barry Smith - Still water and rust
©2013 Barry Smith - Still water, reflections and rus
Never alone when you have photo apps and an iPhone!!!


  1. mmm... i could sit & look for ages... so many layers of texture & pattern... & your adjustments are great!!

  2. The temple bowl is quite beautiful!! I've been having a real urge to visit Japan's temples of late, to sit by still pools, moss and bonsai-like maples. But, alas, I've got to do it North American style instead. I remember your firepit waterbowl with the fern reflections - so satisfying and calming. I love the one with the bowl, water, reflections and blue gravel image...

  3. these, barry, are beautiful. that first fern photo is special to me, i just love it. thank you.

  4. SS, V A & V - water can ce do welcoming and calming; thanks for your comments. Already on this trip I have noticed pots and bowls with water and water littles - I think as a way of creating s welcoming and refreshing entrance - still and quiet . VA looks like I will need to journey for both of us at this time. SS - layers and mystery!!! V - glad you found specialness in the ferns & water. Go well. B


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