Sunday, May 26, 2013

More valley moods

There are just so many times I want to grab the camera or iPhone and capture the changing moods of the valley below our block - of course I restrain myself (unbelievable I know) and often simply soak in the beauty. But on other occasions I want to capture the play of the panorama below.

A few such images - a couple of older ones and a couple from recent days.

©2013 Barry Smith - Sunset in the west
©2013 Barry Smith - Last light
©2013 Barry Smith - Clouds in the valley on dusk
©2013 Barry Smith - A valley full of cloud
And a few altered - you can see that they relate to two images above. I enjoy the way the alterations show the different shades and highlights in the sky.

©2013 Barry Smith - A valley of light and shadow 1
©2013 Barry Smith - A valley of light and shadow 2 
©2013 Barry Smith - A valley of brooding light 1
©2013 Barry Smith - A valley of brooding light 2
Always such wonder and peace inducing vistas. All taken with the iPhone.


  1. they seem to travel from your place to the moon and back, these landscapes. so lovely.

  2. Weeee... from natural magic to techno-magic, what fun!

  3. The beauty of nature does engage us creative spirits. Its a gift to see it from your vantage point Barry. Thanks to you.

  4. V, VA & LAM - thanks for checking out the view from our back deck. V - some of the colours in the altered photos are a little heavenly and surreal - travel to the moon. VA - weeeee indeed - techno fun is good. LAM - indeed where would we be without the inspiration of nature - good to share it across the globe. May we continue to be open to the joy of the visions around his. Go well. B

  5. J - oh indeed - the valley offers much. B


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