Sunday, May 12, 2013

High shine

©2013 Barry Smith - Folded segment of pod
I got back to polishing the cluster of bowls I was hammering on Friday. The high polished finish often makes it hard to photograph the pieces because they pick up so much colour or reflection from objects in the room including me holding the camera. There are several different shapes of bowls in the cluster: a full pod shaped bowl; a couple of more cone shaped bowls; a couple of the more rounded shapes; a couple of classic shallow bowls; and the bowls made from the goblet bases.

Full pod bowl with folds in the opening edge.

©2013 Barry Smith - Pod - a little silver over copper (7.5cmX6cm) 
Conical bowl shapes with natural hammered lips. Brushed brass over copper bowl 6cm diameter by 4.5cm deep; and silver over copper 7cm in diameter by 5cm deep.

©2013 Barry Smith - Brass over copper; and silver over copper conical bowls
More rounded raised bowls. Silver over copper 4.5in diameter by 4cm deep; and silver over brass 6cm in diameter by 5cm deep.

©2013 Barry Smith - Silver over copper; and silver over brass rounded bowls
More traditional sunken bowl forms. Larger bowl is 14.5cm in diameter and 4cm deep; and small bowl is 7.5cm in diameter and 2cm deep.

©2013 Barry Smith -  Larger silver over brass bowl
©2013 Barry Smith -  Smaller silver over brass bowl
And the goblet bowls - polished. The most tightly hammered (raised) of these bowls is 5cm in diameter and 4cm deep; and the least raised is 6.5cm in diameter and 3cm deep.

©2013 Barry Smith -  Silver over brass
But the weekend was not all about polishing - I have started work on personal shrines for the August-September exhibition. More on those as they are completed.


  1. Beautiful pieces, Barry. You know, when I saw your first image, I thought it was snake-skin, so yes, you're right, reflections distort ( or add to the allure? ).

  2. I love how the surfaces play with color - a bit like water, truly beautiful.

  3. Do wish I lived closer! Just love those bowls and those slightly lethal looking twisted ear rings, My leaf ear rings are still my favorite. Cheers.

  4. Alluring! (Thanks, Faisal!) That's just what these bowls are. Really beautiful, Barry.

  5. GiD, VA, P & C - thanks for your positive response to this little lot. GiD - what a lovely word - allure - thanks for that. VA - you are so right - the shiny textured metal picks up faceted light and images like rippling-ruffled water. P - surely you could be tempted - but pleased you love the leaf forms. C- maybe we will need to hold a workshop on the mountain? All - go well. B

  6. mmmm totally gorgeous. And I bought the first one of these delicious pods! Lucky me ......

  7. these are wonderful mister B.
    i love the texture and how it plays with light

    i was just considering that it might be quite meditative hammering these little pieces?

  8. SB & TL - thanks for checking the stash of bowls out; and for positive feedback - gorgeous, delicious and wonderful - I can handle those comments - thanks. SB - always a trendsetter - you had a good eye to see where the pods were headed. TL - raising pod shapes is less mediative then doing simple bowls like I do for daily words. These take a lot of concentration in pushing the metal and also quite a bit of energy - but know where they are headed is relaxing. Go well. B


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