Friday, May 31, 2013

Foraging and cutting on Friday

Fiona and I went to town for a variety of things today; but as we were about to leave the car-park of our local IGA store I noticed a very large rubbish skip that was crammed full of stuff from the recent refurbishment of the store. Thank goodness most other folk were at the local show so we could do a bit of foraging or skip surfing - and we came home with a lot of good stuff - I will post on that later.

This afternoon was given over to art. I had planned to do another personal shrine; but when I got down to the studio-garage metal called and I was drawn into doing a heap of cutting, grinding and drilling for a series of Peace Book Pendants. I love doing these - both the process and the message that is finally contained in each; and carried by those who wear them.

You can see some images of the 'books' cut; clamped for grinding all the 'pages' to a uniform size; drill holes through the sheets; and the edges before I take them off for polishing after the peace words are stamped on one of the 'pages'.

©2013 Barry Smith - Peace Book production line - 11 unique pieces in progress.
©2013 Barry Smith - One Peace Book - clamped, ground and drilled
©2013 Barry Smith - Beautiful pages of metal - silver over brass and copper.
©2013 Barry Smith - Five Peace Books ready for stamping and then polishing.
I'm making 11 together - but each is unique. All are cut from recycled metal including a very tarnished and beaten wide bracelet of silver over copper given to me by friends - I'm very fortunate to have such people in my life.  I have created a couple that are less book like (second and third from the left); and a Petite Peace Book on the right. The petite pendant is about 25mm long and 20mm wide - very cute.

Now it is time to create a couple of Barry's gourmet pizzas; and break out a bit of shiraz.


  1. ~b...such a fascinatingly beautiful process...these pictures are filled with pieces that you are giving new life to...just as they should...they are gorgeous bits of metal...much love light and blessings~

  2. Your new Peace Books are going to be exceptionally beautiful. Gorgeous metal you're using for the covers.


  3. Hello, Barry.

      Lovely your works, full of joy.

      Thank you World-wide LOVE, and your Support.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  4. It is simply fascinating to see your metal work Barry. I appreciate the hints you give us about your process. And in the post preceding I was intrigued by the idea of wearing one of your leaves as a pendant...I may have to try that!

  5. What a sensational and unique project. These pages look quite spectacular already.

  6. i love the idea of books with lovely metal covers, so beautiful.

  7. Great to see your works in progress. Even the twisty scraps on your work bench look exciting to me.

  8. B, AA, Ruma, LAM, Seth, TL & R - it is pleasing to know that you also love these little treasures of Peace Books that become wearable books as pendants. B - as I make each 'book' I see them moving from scrap metal to treasured jewellery (though not expensive) and the new life is given by both me and the wearer. AA & TL - thanks for your comments regarding the covers - lovely intricate patterns that come from silver-plated coasters and the sides of bowl holders - just the thing for tiny works. Ruma - thanks for your peace wishes - it is good when our shared work can bring joy. LAM - I can see you drilling a hole in a leaf and converting it into a pendant - maybe I need to send you another. Seth - thanks for you comments - welcomed from an esteemed artist such as yourself. Though I am making a series of these precious books each is unique as you say. R&LAM - the process of other artists intrigues me - I guess that is why I also share - sharing part of the creativity. R - what to do with the scraps? I use them until I can't use any more because of size or abundance. I'm saving what I can't use to gift to others; and some time in the future I will buy a small furnace to smelt the remainder and create some simple forms from the amalgamated metal - silver, copper, zinc and brass. All go well and enjoy each day. B

  9. they looked good even before you started! such a great idea... beautiful...


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